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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Too Bad, Sell Off!!!

"I waan yuh carry this round di road fah mi
And don't tek nuh talk from nobody
Just do weh mi tell yuh fi do seen star
And mek sure everyting work according to how man seh everyting fi work seen
Tek back yuhself and bring back yuhself inna one peace
Mek sure seh yuh reach, hear mi.
Lawd a mercy, hey, lawd a miss mercy, lawd a mercy"

"Driver, don't stop at all, drop this Arizona round a Alba Mall
Driver, don't even hitch, collect dat likkle food deh yah and come back quick
Driver, just rememba di damn speed limit.
Cau if yuh, run in di Feds my friend dat is it."
Click here to read the entire lyrics... (Image and lyrics from Jamaican Classified)

"Diver A" is undoubtedly the hottest song for the end of 2006, it can be heard at any dance, in almost every body's car, on the radio. Just the into of this song is enough to evoke a rowdy response of "brap, brap! chune! bombocla....!" from any crowd in earshot of the speakers and command several "pull-ups" from the Selectors playing the songs. The popularity of this song is not just restricted to the above mentioned, but has been the cell phone ring tune of choice for many Jamaicans...including yours truly, hehehe.

Buju Banton has done it once a gain with a brand new album of hit songs, "Too Bad". I must admit that this album is one of the best albums from a Jamaican DJ artiste in a long time, if not it's at least one of the best for this year, as almost all the songs are popular and I can actually listen them to entirety. We all know that Buju is a veteran in the business, but this album is definitely one his greatest to date. This seven track album have a decent line up of songs:

Track 1. Your Night Tonight
Track 2. Try Offa Yuh
Track 3. Nothing
Track 4. Too Bad
Track 5. Waistline
Track 6. Jig
Track 7. Me & Ounu
Track 8. 'Til It Bend
Track 9. Hey Boy
Track 10. Go Slow
Track 11. Driver A
Track 12. Girl U Know
Track 13. Lonely Night
Track 14. Who Have It
Track 15. Better Day Coming
Track 16. Don & Dupes Featuring Pinchers
Track 17. Fast Lane

Off course you know I have to share my favorites from this album. The Stunner's favorite pics from this album are:

6 - Mi an unuh
5- Waistline
4 - Hey Boy
3 - Too Bad
2 - Nothing
1- and of course topping the list is Diver A

If you have listened to the album or some of the songs on the album let me know your favorites.
If you don't have this album as yet, wah yuh a wait pon, go get it! This is absolutely a good one from Buju Bandton, this album is really "Too Bad"! As they say here in Jamaica, "dis yah one yah sell off!!!"

13 commented:

been listening it for a few weeks now and cyaa stop!


Yeah been hearing Driver A and I luv it.Luv Buju bad too!

Happy New Year

I am looking forward to getting this CD this weekend.

Thanks for the head up.

Not a music fan, but I can't stop myself from singing "Driver."

well, here is the thing.

I went to a party last Wednesday. The DJ played it three times and I wondered why.

then, eversince, I have been singing the chune regula. It catchy bad bad.
I always liked Buju, but didnt like him when he went conscious on the last album, or was it the album before that.

Me ah go look for it today. I'll let you know what I think.

Stunner, di album bad nuh raas! Buju has been one of my favourite DJs. Love him! His performance at Sting was off the hook too! I've already been singin' "Driver" to my son and he loves it!!

Happy New Year!

Me really been outta de reggae loop recently. Hey Boy and Me & Oonu ring a bell, but not de odda song dem. Mi aggo check dem out. (People been hypin' de Driver riddim, but mi not even know it or what else or who else deh pon da riddim deh!) Anyway, Stunner, Happy New Year!

My friends and I were just talking 'bout this song this morning!!

Thnx for the lyrics, for me nvah really unnerstan' wha' he was saying. I jus' pretend and hail the DJ for the 'pull up', and give my 'brap-brap' when the song's intro plays ;)

P.S...Happy New Year, and stay safe...

Yeah, Happy New Year, Blood.

Yes mi peeps, Driver A and the album sell off fi real! I noticed how it stuck inna unnuh head, can't stop singing Driver! lol, don't worry the same thing happen to me!

MB and Justacoolcat, I know you will like the CD.

Melody, yes yuh need fi catchup wid the music! lol!

All the best for 2007 everyone!!!