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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Wake Up And Smell The Coffee!

Here I am on the night shift trying to stay awake. So I decided to take some time to introduce you to my daily and nightly drink, Coffee. Yes 100% pure Jamaican coffee. The best coffee in the world I may add.

I must admit that I love coffee, I will drink coffee in the morning, in the afternoon and even at nights. But for the most part though I only drink one cup of coffee a day...if I don't smell it brewing! (NO! I'm not addicted!)

I once had some Breyers coffee ice-cream, mek mi tell yuh something a one a di best tasting ice-cream mi eva eat! Trust mi!

Since tonight is a quiet night at work and the sleep is kicking in, even though I had a cup of coffee (It seems coffee doesn't really keep me awake, I just love the smell and taste.) I decided to lookup some information on one of my favorite beverages to share with you. Also I remembered that there was a Coffee Festival at Devon House last Sunday. By the way I missed out on that due to work, damn work!

Coffee facts:

  1. Coffee is the second most traded product in the world after petroleum. World wide coffee production tips the scales at about 6 million metric tonnes. (
  2. Each year some 7 million tons of green beans are produced world-wide. Most of which is hand picked. (
  3. An acre of coffee trees can produce up to 10,000 pounds of coffee cherries. That amounts to approximately 2,000 pounds of beans after hulling or milling. (
  4. Over 53 countries grow coffee worldwide, but all of them lie along the equator between the tropic of Cancer and Capricorn. (
  5. Germany is the world's second largest consumer of coffee in terms of volume at 16 pounds per person. (
  6. Each year some 7 million tons of green beans are produced world wide. Most of which is hand picked. (
  7. Up until the 1870's most coffee was roasted at home in a frying pan over a charcoal fire. It wasn't until recent times that batch roasting became popular. (
  8. The percolator was invented in 1827 by a French man. It would boil the coffee producing a bitter tasting brew. Today most people use the drip or filtered method to brew their coffee. (
  9. A Belgian living in Guatemala invented the first instant coffee in 1906 and later immigrated to the United States. His name, ironically enough, was George Washington. (
  10. The largest coffee-producing nation, Brazil, is responsible for 30 to 40 % of total world output. (
  11. Coffee is high in anti-oxidants and compounds such as vitamins that fights damage to cells. (
  12. Germany is the world's second largest consumer of coffee in terms of volume at 16 pounds per person. (

I hope you beneifited from this list of useless coffee facts. Enjoy your coffee this morning...well that is if you are one of the millions of people who enjoy the number one morning beverage.

11 commented:

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I see you are from my country. It's refreshing to read your blog(s) and I look forward to adding you to my list of daily reads. I can't say I blog as often as I used to but I'll at least try to read and comment more often. I absolutely looooove Blue Mountain Peak coffee. I always have my mom or sisters bring me a few bottles when they come to visit.

Yow Stunner, you really have time on your hands my brother! I have to admit though that it's interesting to note that the Germans are the largest coffee drinkers in the world!

Hey Stunner yuh must have been sleeping, both 6) and 12) are repeated. Time for more coffee. You said Germany is second largest consumer, who is the largest? Useless or not these are quite interesting.

I'm all out; which means I ain't functioning too well. Must go shopping. :/

Hi Stunner-as one coffee lover to another-ME LOVE BLUE MOUNTAIN COFFEE!!! Another fact-did you know that the Japanese imports 90% of our Blue Mountain coffee. Smart people.
Thanks for the Coffee facts-interesting.

I found the facts interesting to read despite the fact that I am 100% British...TEA strictly....Earl Grey if at all posssible.

this was funny to me because I work night shift...and I know what it's like on slow nights....I'm online all

anyway, thanx 4 comin by my spot!I'll b back here!

Thanks for stopping by my spot! Don't be a stranger.

Wow, you really like coffe eh?

Have a goodnight.

I'm glad you guys benefited from my attempt at staying awake during the night shift. There will be more idle posts like this as I'm on night for the whole month!

Scratchie I think the US is the largest.

Yep, Blue Mountain Coffee is no 1 sunshine!

I'd like to welcome cutie cola, Diamond, Rubies, and Colapop and Blk Silk. Thanks for doppin by.

bouy you like yuh coffee eh?
I work night shift too and coffee was ruling my life so I stopped 5 years ago and haven't drank a cup since.I don't mind trying blue mountain though I wonder if you could get it here?