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Thursday, October 27, 2005

The JPS Saga

I have been a bad blogger for the past few days. But I have been so busy and I had such an eventful week thus far. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Did your radio stop working recently? Don't have a radio? Don't have a Discman or CD player?Do you have a cell phone or land phone? Do you want to listen to hours of continuous, ad-free music? Can't afford XM? If your answer to any of the above is yes, you need JPSCC! Yes Jamaica Public Service Customer Care is just for you. It's totally free! All you have to do to enjoy free uninterrupted music is call 1-888-call-jps (1-888-2255-577) select option o or 1. Then you are all set to enjoy your long hours of free music.

The Ordeal
I went on the road on Tuesday to take care of some business. On my return home I noticed that I had no light. So upset, I called JPS to see if there was any scheduled power failure. But to my surprise there was none. Then I remembered that on the last bill I received, 2 days ago, I saw a balance brought forward. So I decided to call again to check my account status. To my dismay, the recording was saying that I owed the full amount for the previous month. WHAT! I payed that bill 3 days before the due date! What the hell is this recording saying?

Now Mr. Stunner, has now grown upset! How the hell this system telling me that I didn't pay my bill and I have a record that I payed the bill. So I decided to speak to a customer care agent. So I called and selected option 0. Now I think JPS just wanted to throw some fuel on the fire blazing. I was on hold for about half hour. At one point I forgot I was on the phone and actually thought I was just sitting listening to music. When I finally got an agent, home boy is going to tell me they didn't receive any payment for the account and that my light was disconnected. What the rass! How the %$@*(@! yuh mean seh yuh nuh get nuh money and mi light disconnected. I have a %$@&*&! Credit card statement with the payment on it!

Ok. I decided to call NCB. As I used there online services to pay my light bill. Mr. Agent enlightened me that yes the payment was made and it was sent to JPS. So puzzled, I asked him to check the account number. Low and behold, homeboy Stunner, left off the last digit. Shit! I checked and double checked before submitting the account number. Oh well shit happens. Mr NCB was quiet helpful, as he tried to contact their contact person at JPS to rectify the situation. But just my luck, he could not get anyone in that department at JPS. I think JPS a try spite mi!
Anyway he said I should call back JPS and explain what happened and see if they could help, as he was going to log the problem and continue trying. Ok back to JPSCC for more music.

And music it was! Rass I stayed on the phone for another half hour listening to more music, song after song, album after album. Finally I got an agent, So I explained to her the problem. And of course her first response was that there was nothing she could do. So I said there must be something. So she decided to do some checks with her finance department! Now this takes the cake! It so happens that JPS did in fact receive the money. However, because the premises number was incomplete the payment was rejected and hence nothing was credited to my account. But, dutty, tinking, thieving JPS sit down pon mi money! Yes folks they just had my money and disconnected my light. You mean to tell me, you see a payment made and it was rejected for 3 weeks now, you have the complete customer number and hence contact details, and you didn't call the customer much less contact the bank that you received the payment from? You just sit down on the money! JPS is one rass!

So she had it sorted out and the money was credited to the account and they waived the reconnection fee. So Miss Agent said she is going to try and get it reconnected the same evening , however, she thinks it's a good chance the reconnection would not be done until the next day. A deh suh it done. This was 4:00 pm and all 6:00 pm she still can't get anyone to reconnect my light. 8:00 still can't get anyone! I now make it official that JPS is the worst utility company in the Island, no, the world! Yes, folks I had to buy some Happy Ice to keep my stuff from spoiling as I didn't get back my light until sometime Wednesday. Yep, JPS strikes again!

12 commented:

Dem ting will me man cuss blurdcleat yes. Good seh u come back from darkness still.

Tuesday me did come home to darkness...not me one...some rass transformer blow upon de road...seems to be a pretty regular yute...dem have we by de balls to rahtid!

Just stopping by to let you know, I'm back...

~blk silk~

Yikes! Glad you got the electric back.

Welcome tuh CANTV Jamacian style... Glad yuh grt it all worked out though.

good to see it worked hate still goes out to C& customer service at all and the same musical interlude.....2 weekends worth...

Am here laughing at your expense.But is just so all dem places operate because I had a problem last month with my account and they gave me the run around as well.

hahahha for a second I thought JPS was some legit on the phone music service lol! No light sucks wood. Was my everyday back in Nigeria

Yeah the Customer Care people take the biscuit. Keep you on hold then come on and talk rubbish. Must pay you the interest for holding your dough

Hee hee, I just sent the last 30 secs trying to figure out how to get free tunes too.

Rass, I feel your pain wid di electric ting my yute! @ least you got yours back :D

Yo - What's the deal, JPS cannot get it together? Glad you are back on..

It's like they are all running a competition to see who is worse and who can frustrate the customers most. JPS & CWJ running a stiff competition in that regard.

Has anyone gotten their telephone bill since the all island flat rate "tief more money outa wi pocket" plan? My telephone bill is almost double what I used to pay and I hardly use my phone to make calls! Bun fiya!

What an experience that must have been for you to encounter.My husband and I recently moved to Jamaica from the US, and it is amazing how JPS,Careless & Worthless stay in business. We finally recieved our first bill recently and we still cannot figure it out. Crap,we have five US degrees between us. Onward we all go.
My take is how and when do we try to make this better