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Monday, October 31, 2005

Dons,Gangs,Kingfish,Protests And Violence- News From Ja.

The past 24 hours hours have been a very eventful period in Jamaica. Let me summarize the events making up the top stories in the news today.

Early Sunday morning a joint police military operation spear-headed by Operation Kingfish shot and killed Donovan 'Bulbie' Bennett, named as Jamaica's most wanted. The leader of the 'Clansman' gang, which has operated out of Spanish Town in St. Catherine, Bulbie was on the police most wanted list for more than 10 years. [read article]

Monday morning gunmen attempted to attack a police station in retaliation for the death of there gang-leader. This attempt was thwarted by the police, however gunmen managed to shoot and injure three policemen in 3 separate incidents. [read article]

Monday afternoon protesting Spanish Town residents blocked several roads and burnt down a police post. [read article] As a result of this the town of Spanish Town was locked down as business places, schools and public transportation had to cease operations for the day. [read article]

Sometime Monday, Commanding Officer for St. Catherine North, Superintendent of Police Kenneth Wade charged that the ruling political party was supporting the very said gang while the opposition is backing a rival gang, the One Order Gang. He also said that the very citizens protesting the killing are also known supporters of the ruling party. [read article]

It seems that Jamaica just keeps getting worse, dons (who are known killers) are killed by the police after years of terrorizing the public, there is senseless violence in retaliation, inner city citizens mount roadblocks and destroy property in riots as a form of protest and the government officials fuel the violent cycle by supporting the dons to get votes. This never ending cycle just keeps going in the restless island called Jamaica.

12 commented:

Ra$$ Stunner.....dem tings jus sick man stomach. Every time a don dead...uproar...dem have more power dan the government....and the politricks is deeply rooted inna dis gang warfare fe real.

Where and when will this shyte end? Is there a workable solution?

Hi Stunner-Nothing has changed since I left Yard in 1975. If it is so that the violence is fueled by politics that is just disgusting. But yu live by the sword yu die by the sword. So whoever is responsible for this I hope they get busted between the eyes.

boy the situation on ground seems really harsh. Gang members retaliating? anarchy. Saw this program called "Jamiaca E.R" last year and the violence was shocking.

politics and violence. like were I'm from no change in sight.

Sounds like a real war zone.So sad

Not nice, seen. Please brother, try tell dem to calm down nah.. it hurts me, as a Jamaican.

This is truly depressing, but do you think the government officials are supporting the dons not only to get votes, but because they fear them?

Truly sad and frustrating.

Jamaica...when we do something we do it well...even the bad stuff :(

The only solution I can think of Dr.D, is God coming!

I must disagree with you this time Scratchie, because there are two thing Jamaicans can't do well and that is build and repair roads! lol.

And the violence is just spawning more violence, like cancerous cells mutating, growing, isn't it?

It's everywhere, look at what's happening in France, what happened in Jordan...