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Friday, October 07, 2005

Serious Times

"And Ii seh
These Are some serious times
All I can see round natty is violence and crime
Full time for Rass to centralize socialize and realize
To let the sun shine through out every day
And let the moon shine through out the peaceful nites
This is 7 times rise and 7 times fall but I don't really believe in the falling tings at all
Cause life continues as it goes if u really want to no the true of the true isn't been told
No no no no no"

-"Serious Times" by Gyptian

Serious Times by the upcoming reggae artiste Gyptian seems to be on everyone's tongue and getting some serious airplay. This is one of the latest in conscious tunes that have been making their way to Jamaican radio. His song has put him up within the ranks of other cultural artiste such as I-Wayne, Jah Cure and Fantan Mojah, who have been having a great deal of success on the Jamaican scene and has also been performing internationally.

This song, to me, sums up how thing are right now in the world and also on a smaller and more direct scale in Jamaica. Things are really getting terrible in this country! It's like the wild wild west here in Jamaica. Gun men are killing people left right and centre. Last week gunmen went into a school and shot two students in separate incidents and also at another school gunmen went in and took out a 13 year old girl and raped her. As if that isn't bad enough we have to contend with weekly increases in living expenses. Trust mi times really serious yah now! This song is like a reality check and spurs us to think about how serious things are.

You can see the full lyrics here. You can click here to hear the song. It's not exactly a clip but when the site loads the song will play, just wait a couple of seconds.

6 commented:

yes stunner. good looking on the tune. fe real the world is going mad. the said gun madness has crept into the UK. aint safe to have argument with anyone no more.

but like those b4 us we'll come through

1 luv

Serious times fuh real.Makes you believe the world will end soon and stop all this madness

Bwoy basically stop blog about wah agwaan here especially wrt crime. It sickening...hence one of the reasons why I do not tek een local news on TV...not that I don't wish to be kept abreast of what a gwaan.

Sigh, Cho.....whats it not claat!

I had this song on repeat in my car almost all of this week. It is really a conscious tune.

boy it saddens me to hear about this stuff. dont know whats wrong with folk these days but the world is definetly a scary place to live in.

Kept trying to get it to load. Nothing doing. Hmmm, maybe it's my browser settings...