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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Random Stuff

More Rain in Jamrock

More rain in Jamaica as Tropical Storm Wilma (formerly known as Tropical Depression Number 24) continues to poor tonnes of rain on the island. There has been widespread flooding across the island. You can click here and here for the news reports. I took this picture while I was on my was home from work yesterday morning. This rails of this bridge as you can see has been busted by the heavy water that passed over the it. It is now 03:15 am and finally the rain has cooled off...guess not! Hopefully the sun will come out soon.

The Pakistan Earthquake

Someone in blogland, can't remember who (yep, another case of bad memory), made a point that no one has blogged about the devastation caused by the earthquake in Pakistan. Well here is the latest grim news. It is estimated that some 3.3 million (yes 3300000) people have been left homeless, 60,000 people homeless and some 36,000 estimated dead. Search and rescue efforts still continue and international aid continues to poor in (such are the $113 million dollars donated by Saudi Arabia). However it is difficult to reach many of the affected areas due to the extensive damage caused to the road network and other infrastructure. You can go here for more info. This disaster makes Katrina a walk in the park. However, why I think everyone was talking about Katrina is due to the closeness of the area to us and the circumstances surrounding the evacuation of the residents and also the extremely slow response of the mighty US government before, during and after the hurricane. The southern area of Asia seems to get so many disasters of immense magnitude, the tsami still fresh in our minds, monsoon floods and now this earthquake! My sympathies goes out to those affected.

On A Lighter Side

On the lighter side. I just wanted to leave you with two links that I'm sure you will find entertaining. Check these out: funny link 1 (Note: run your mouse over the people standing at the bus stop) and funny link 2 (a really funny video). Enjoy your day, I'll be sleeping.

16 commented:

Its sad whats happening in our world today. Unity in prayer and support is whats needed. Thanks for keeping me informed!

The first funny link worked, but the second on didn't. Hope all is well - what you said is very true. So much was said about Katrina, yet the horible tragedy in Pakistan that may be far worse has slipped under the mainstream radar.

you're welcome envizable.

yes shotta m, it seems not to be working at all. Hmm...well when i find a dependable place to host the video or figure a way to place it on my blog then I will be able to share it with you all. Sorry about that. Anyone has any suggestions?

Stunner...weh u tek dah picha deh? Is that the bridge by Drumblair...near Pepper's?

Yeah, the Pakistan tragedy is anodda major catastrophe. Sad.

I could well stay a yard and buss some good sleep today inna dis rahtid rain, but I suppose I going haffi hol a fresh and prepare to set sail! All aboard!

I'm already in office ...not a nice weather outside at all.

I look of bewilderment was there last night. One of the nations affected by the earthquake advised that they will accept help from India. They will accept the helicopters but they don't want Indian pilots to fly them.....I'm like, so whose helicopter is it anyway? Strange world we live in....

All me can seh is "de world gaan MAD"

yes doc, it sed one.

a wah kinda idiat ting dat scratchie? Dem wi tek the helicopters but don't want the owners to fly it? but wait, no dem a suffa, and need the help? Strange world in deed scratchie.

Well if I didn't work last night I doubt I would be turning up to work.

Oh yeh, Wilma is now a cat 1 hurricane

Ok I did some corrections to the link funny 2 for the video. This should work...I hope. it's streaming so you may need good bandwith.

*Singing in her best girlie voice*

"Rain rain go away, come again another day."

Hope that helps ~smile~.

hey thanks so much, i like ur page so now i know where to come for advise on fixing up my page if u don't mind.

Too many bad things going on.That Pak earthquake really terrible eh

It was jdid who commented about the lack of posts about pakistan. you are right though

well katrina got more press so hence more notice. its really sad how many people died in that earthquake though

Link 2 still not working. No end in sight for all this rain ... another day home from work ... The world is definitely coming to an end. Too many disasters happening all at once.

Humanity is in a sad state - isn't it? I think this is just the beggining of natural disaters.

signs of revelations everywhere...time to clean up ya house. If we put the death toll of all the disasters from the last couple of years, I wonder what kind of dent it has made in the world population. It's almost hard to comprehend when you say 30,000 people died...where do they bury that many people? Whole generations of families had to be wiped out. too hard man.

i was able to view the video (cable modem, lol) it was hella funny, we have a video here in the states, almost exactly the same only with a blond woman. an even tho the commercial is funny, and I've seen it dozens of times...I still dont remember what its for..aint that sumthin?