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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Jamaica’s Fashion Confusion – “Men In Pink Tights”

“Mi caan sey tight pants come in again, …
Mi caan believe mi eye, mi caan believe mi eye,”
– Bounty Killer

There has been a new, disturbing phenomenon that has been growing among the young Jamaican men these days. I have been so very upset about it, but I have not vocalized my opinions as yet. However, as I was browsing through The Star yesterday evening, I was encouraged to likk out against di nastiness by the article that I read. You can read the article here it’s very interesting.

Once upon a time it seemed that women were being liberated and taking on jobs and sports that were male dominated and were celebrating how the tables have turned. Well, sorry ladies, the tables have turned once again! Of lately, it seems the young men in Jamaica have started to invade the female world! What am I talking about?

If you look at one in every 5 Jamaican man at a dance, in a club, or on the street you will know what I’m talking about. It’s the dyamn disgusting way they are dressed. The tight-fitting clothes, I don’t mean close fitting, I mead the tight, no air can pass through, body sucking, jeans and pants that these youths are wearing. Some men have resorted to start buying women’s hipsters jeans and body blouses (no not muscle shirts)! Oh no, that’s not the all. To top it off, these deviants choice of colours: baby blue, bright orange, bright red, yello, turquoise and worst of all pink! Yes you can see young men at these dances in pink and white tight shirts, extremely tight pink jeans and pink or white shoes to match!

It has gotten so bad that even the poor Jamaican women are now having a hard time finding stretch jeans and hipsters when they go shopping! They have to be in a race to get these rare female clothes, as these young men are hogging them up like hot bread.

I remember the days when we used to cuss the women dem weh bleach out dem face! But now these confused young men have started to take that over too. The bleaching, the shaved eyebrows and the textured hair, yes all of that!

What I can’t understand is how such a homophobic society like Jamaica would embrace such cross-dressing! If you ask any of these young men about homosexuality you will hear, “bun batty man”, “batty bwoy fi dead”. However, these same “anti-gay” men have embraced an established dress code of gay men. What is this country coming to! As far as mi si it, dem yute yah confused.

“Mi caan believe mi eye, mi caan believe mi eye,” – Bounty Killer

Have a great holiday weekend all. I'll post a picture for the weekend for thoses who will have time to stop by.

11 commented:

This is weird, it's the first time I have heard of this and it is truly unusual. Like you I wonder what this means, and if this will be a continueing trend.

You call them metrosexuals.I don't even like pink so I can't understand why men would wear it especially as it has homosexual overtones.


Yup, sounds like the metrosexual has made his way to Jamrock. :D

I for one think it's a good thing. That way I can spot the dandified idiot at 50 paces, afix a snarl of disdain upon my face, and avoid the entire attempted pick-up experience.

Bwoy Stunner...I went looking fe couple shirt recently and I had to mention to some of the women I work with that I found it hard to find anything in 'regular' colours that look trendy. My yute, a bare yellow, orange, PINK, LILAC, some kinda crush material and de shirt dem small and fava woman blouse!

Now wtf a man a do inna PINK pants...worse shoes...I never even know seh dem ting deh shoes fe man!?

Like I mentioned in a recent post of mine...times really a change when me can go a bar and see two man inna JA. get up and dance and nobody nuh seh nutten.

Me will stick to usual man colous! Call me old fashioned, nuh own nutten inna pink!

Stunner-Seh What!!!! LOL-females competing with Jamaican males to find stretch jeans. Damn, I'll have to give it a closer look when I get down there. Now, I believe in free expression for all. I have nothing against gays but I'm not a Jamaican straight man. You'd be surprised how many men are bisexual, even the ones that don't dress effeminate, who are married or have girlfreinds. Nothing you can do about it. But this unabashed way of dressing shows the sign of the times in Ja. Change.

Just read Dr. D's comment-Rass you have me howling.

Some serious serious changes going on in Jamrock!

a wa de rass dis, mi did a get vex thru dem a wear de tight pants but now pink?? but a wa dis

i really dont see anything wrong with the colors a person wear.. im a female and i am not offended or mad at boyfriend is a dancer in ja and he wear pink and relaxed fit jeans...and he looks damn good in whatever he wears..who are we to judge ppl by what they wear...Bounty seh him caan believe him eyes...but a who first start wear tight pants? bounty sed one

It's the saddest thing I've seen in a long time. I really believe these guys are closeted homosexuals. When we think about what reggae music was, then we must understand that the movement away from lyrics of empowerment to lyrics mostly about sexuality has brought us to this.

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