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Friday, October 21, 2005

The Sun At Last!

After suffering from the onslaught of rain over the past week it was a welcomed relief when I looked in the sky yesterday morning. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the sun peeping out, like shy excited child, from behind a thin veil of cloud. I had to run outside and feel the warm rays penetrate my skin. I couldn't tell when last it felt so good to be standing in the sun. Today seems overcast in the city, but hopefully later on in the day we will be blessed with some brilliant sunshine.

Anyway, I'm leaving you with a short post today. It has been a long night at work...As usual. My mind is mighty cloudy right about now, can't wait to hit the sack. Just to make your day interesting here is a fun link you all, it will make your day. When the picture loads, wait a while for the slide show to begin. Click here for the link.

12 commented:

TGIS (Thank God Its Sunny) least partially so at the moment.

TGIF as well Stunner.

Right. You can split my medical bills with Mad Bull. :D

You didn't think you'd get ME with this, did you?

At least the rain helps to appreciate the sun that much more. Today it's a blah drizzly day in "Sunny South Florida."

wow wicked view from your beach house. you living large.

Beautiful pic - I thank God for every day that the sun is shining. It has been raininy and cold here that last couple days :( Have a good weekend!

It was only a week ago when I felt the same joy you are feeling now. It rained here in NY for a whole week - non stop - and I started to forget what the sun felt like. Then lo and behold, last Saturday morning, the rays came out from behind the grey, drab clouds!!

Well you sure did get me...that was

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Listen here young man, you mus' rememba seh is not everyone have strong heart like you.

The sun is a breath of fresh air ... wish that was the end of our woes, we'll have traffic and bad roads to contend with for months to come.

I'm glad the storm in letting up a bit:)

great pic!

Enjoy the sun.I bet you were wondering when you gonna see it again

Hi Stunner-late blogging. Glad to hear you folks finally have some sunshine. Now it's our turn. Just bracing for Wilma tonight, but thanks goodness it's down to Cat 2 and should be a one by the time it reaches the east coast. Have a great weekend.