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Monday, October 17, 2005

More Rain! Jamaica Under Water

Yes folks the rain continues here in Jamaica, as Tropical Depression Number 24 lingers over the island. The meteorologists are expecting the system to strengthen to a Tropical Storm sometime tonight or later on in the day. There have been reports of flooding and roads being impassable in several areas across the island. The rain has been falling almost continuously for the past week. I don't even remember what that thing looks like...What's its name again...It's at the tip of my tongue, oh yes I remember now, the sun!

I took these pictures while driving home from work Saturday (one of the few day duties that I'm working this month, back on the night shift again), along Trafalgar Road and the intersection of Trafalgar and Waterloo Road. While driving I began to wonder: weh the hell suh much water a do pon a major ratid road? This is a major thoroughfare in the most developed part of Kingston, Jamaica even, and the road is flooded like this! Then it occurred to me, no proper drain is along the roadway, not even one! That is why the water just gallop along the roadway. These damn jackasses that built the roads in this country need to be strung up an beaten to a pulp. Oh not just them, but the NWA, the city planners and the idiot government of this country. All of them are to be blamed for the suffering that motorists have to face every time a little rain falls. And it's for this reason why they are so many potholes, no craters in the roads.

Well, it seems the depression is depressing a lot of people this weekend, as there were a lot of activities advertised for this long weekend. It seems the rain has quiet a different plan for all of us in Jamrock for this weekend. Whatever you are doing, I hope you still enjoy the rest of your long weekend (even if yuh nuh deh a yard), as for me I going to sleep every chance I get as the pitter patter of the rain makes the bed oh so more comfy!

10 commented:

I hope you stayed dry. :D

Wow, that is a lot of water!

Thank you for stopping by my place...:)

Wow that rain is still coming down huh? Well you have one thing correct...the rain is good for sleeping and it's also great sex weather:)

Be Safe:)

Mercy sakes-enough of the rains eeeee. it's Tropical Wilma hanging de bout. We're having beautiful weather here.

hope your weekend was good.

gawwwd I still wish I was there. I love Jamaica.

Jamaica is still the best. yes we have our troubles,but don't other countries have theirs as well

would love to hear about the men in tights. I also have a comment most Jamaician people hear are embarassed that there are gay people in the islands. Please tell me why?