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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Pum Pum Rock

As I promised I would be giving you guys a picture over the weekend. This is another sneak preview of the photos that I will be posting on the new version of Scenes of Jamaica. I can hardly find the time to sit down and complete the site. The only thing that I have left to do is to create the picture gallery and that's a lot of work!

I was on my way to Ocho Rios and I just had to stop along the roadside to take a picture of this, oh so special, rock formation. This special area in the Bog Walk Gorge, along the banks of the Rio Cobre is named the Pum Pum Rock. I'll let you guys figure out why it is called by that name!

20 commented:

It would take some serious lumber to deal with that pum pum.

In all seriousness, nice shot, though.

I saw this before .One of the Bloggers(Dr D) I think had posted it.

Sigh....oh how I miss my pum pum rock. How come you never get a picture of the buddy rock on the other side too?

I didn't notice any "buddy rock" on the other side. I heard that it broke off some time ago. Maybe a jealous person did it!

Yes Stunner....wikid shot still.
And you right...when I went MoBay in July I saw the pum pum still...Someone in the charter bus asked what had happened to the big buddy rock....a next man mentioned that the buddy (hood) did get bruck up still...might have been during Ivan. Guess a next big hood haffi find to match the tuff pum pum still.....

Maybe one o dem rasta man who have dem famous carving 'standing firm and lengthy' just outside Fern Gully could do suppem inna stone...jus dat nuh natural.

What kinda camera you have rude bwoy?

Pum Pum Rock - I always look out for it on the way to Ochi.

I have a Kodak CX330. 3.2 Mega Pixels 3x optical zoom. Cool camera to take pics. But I real want a camera with at least 5 Mega pixels and 10X optical zoom. really do not need nuh 5 megapixels. Mine is an Olympus C700....with 2.1 megapixels and 10X optical zoom...and it good my yute.

This is always a good laugh.

When I reach down a yard, I need to look out for this pum pum rock. I've never known about it until Dr. D. blogged about it. How far fro Bog Walk is this pum pum rock?

It's in the Bog Walk Gorge. Just look along the bank of the river for it when driving along the road. There is a little area at the side of the road on the bank of the river where you can pull over.

Interesting, almost looks like swiss cheese.

Swiss cheese Brotha Buck?? Bwoy, the thought of that kinda turn a man off when is pum pum being discussed! ;-0

Hmmmm, Brother Buck... (* shakes head sadly *) There are none so blind as those who will not see! :-)

Yow, is the first I notice the clit on the pumpum rock! My yute, that is a good picture still, because I have driven past that so many times and this is the first I saw the clit... and no, ladies, that IS NOT a reflection of what goes on in my love life so don't even go there! :-))

Whatever you say mb hehehehe nice pic stunner.

The buddy rock broke off a long time ago over five now. It was on the opposite side I heard. However it was broken after a landslide. I guess thre was so much wetness that it cum.. a mean broke.

Forgive my ignorance I just heard tonight the words Pum Pum and from your picture it sure seems like a umm "dirty" word LOL, and the way I heard this word/phrase tonight was on MTV live in a skit about something called Pum Pum cheese Im must be new cause I dont get it, every one was laughing and thought it was hilarious but I dont get it, since you or the ppl who have commented seem to know what pum pum is could you or any one else fill me on the joke that I didnt get?
and yes I feel like a complete idiot for asking but its gonna drive me bonkers if I dont find out thanks for humoring me!

Anonymous, you'd have to be Jamaican to understand this.
If you can't look at the picture and follow the threads to figure out what is being discussed you should just go to some other blog):

I've been there yesterday for my geo trip, but i thought the boys called it that. The rock looks disgusting.