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Friday, September 30, 2005

Another Star Rises!

Digicel has done it again. Another star has been born from their hit promotional show The Digicel Rising Star Competition, a local spinoff of the American Idol. Christopher the girls' favorite from the beginning has walked away with the coveted first place in this well watched and well supported local programme.

It was down to the wire last week between the girls choice Christopher and the soul thriller Noddy Virtue who had to settle for second place even after "buying" out some vote from his fellow country people back in St. Elizabeth. It is said that Noddy kept various dances and even bought Digicel Flex cards for his fellow St. Bess patrons in order to secure votes. And votes he did secure as he knocked out the other two contestants Face and the Diva Dana. I must admit though Noddy can certainly sing, even better than Christopher to me and he also seems more comfortable singing on the stage. However Christopher cam out the victor as he certainly cropped up quiet a lot of votes over the past weeks to crush the confident Noddy Virtue.

Personally I was backing the Diva Daina as she is from my neighborhood back in Portland. I was a couple of years ahead of her when I was in high school. Boy has she blossomed into a beautiful young woman. I think I might be heading back to Portland! Face was not one of my favorites, but I think she has a lot of potential as a female DJ artiste. Bwoy dat girl did bawl like a baby when she got eliminated! She couldn't even finish her final performance.

This year's Rising Star competition was a step above last year's. And even the prize are better with the winner going home with J$1,000,000 and a record contract and the second place getting J$500,000 in cash and prizes. That's understandable because after seeing the success of the first Rising Stars several sponsors jumped on board to the aid of Digicel. These include: Pepsi, Knutsford Court Hotel and Kia Motors. And they surely didn't loose! They had their advertisements running on the most watched show in the history of Jamaican television. Digicel was the biggest winner however, since they had their network buzzing as the public texted or called in their votes.

On a sad note however, I must complain about two things. The first, is what were the organizers thinking? How could they have their final show at Emancipation Park? A show that was so widely watched and worst of a it was FREE. Dem nuh know seh Jamaicans live freeness? As a result of that dumb mistake the final show was rescheduled to tonight. You can read about that fracas by clicking here and also this link. The next thing is the host of the show. What the hell was Denise Hunt thinking and where did she get her wardrobe coordinator from? This girl has no dignity and has scared her fellow Jamaicans with constant torture every week when she puts on her outfits. Nothing is wrong with the close, it's just how it look pon har! Whoi even the thoughts of her in those clothes gives me the goose bumps!

Overall it was a good show with all major players winning in their own rights. Congratulations Christopher, Noddy Virtue, Diva Daina and Face for making it to the top. Let's see what Digicel has in store for us next year.

Have a great weekend everyone. I'll be at work all weekend so I might just drop on a pic or two for those who will still drop by.

6 commented:

Pity you didn't tape the finals and put it into a format which was web friendly so all o we could benefit... Oh well... a so it go when you run weh from Yard...

Bwoy, I woulda did really like fi see di show miself Stunner...oh well, is so life go! Anyhow, don't work too hard this weekend iya!

I thoroughly enjoyed the EC leg of rising stars.Looking fwd to next year's.

Nice post. Sad also when a promoter has to remember to use a venue where people won't trample each other. It is, after all, people that should remember not to trample each other.

I knew Chris was gonna win. Was bringing him all along.

Hi Stunner-I bet there was some good singing. Wished I could have seen it. Hope you didn't have eto work de whole weekend.