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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Bankruptcy And More Suffering: Our Sure Destiny!

On Friday night of last week I found out that my motor vehicle insurance had expired since September 1. Nevertheless, it was a weekend so I couldn't to Jack about it. So I pressed my luck and drove to and fro work over the weekend. I decided that on Monday morning bright and early I would renew my insurance to avoid the very long arm of the law.

Over the weekend I told my workers of my predicament only to be informed that I would be suffering certain financial woes as the insurance premiums have increased from 6% to 9% of the value of the car. A whopping 50% increase!!! I could not believe it! I worked out my insurance and the math was shocking. In disbelieve I tried to comfort myself in thinking this is only a dream. Well I woke up on Monday morning! When I went to the broker on Monday morning my insurance premium has sky-rocketed from $34,000 to an enormous $47000! This has certainly placed my finances in a critical shock! If motor vehicle insurance was not a requirement by law I believe a lot of drivers would not have it...I know I wouldn't.

Already on the bankruptcy band-wagon is the ever increasing gas prices! I think Petrojam and the gas retailers are having a field day in our wallets and purses. The gas price now stands at a ridiculous cost of over $51 per litre for regular. I know oil prices are going up. But here in Jamaica the retailers seem to be jacking up the prices more that they need to. They seem to be riding the wave of the oil increases and using it to make a killing off us drivers.

The gas increase has already begun to trigger an increase in other goods and services also. Everything seems to be going up and this is being blamed on the gas prices...ole waggonists dem!

On the other side of the scale how is the salary doing? Well as always no increase! Everything else is going up except my salary. And even if an increase is given, it doesn't even match the rate of inflation!

I can see the future now. Oh yes...Dark and gloomy, BANKRUPTCY and more SUFFERING!

4 commented:

Hi Stunner-I hear yu loud and clear about facing bankrupcy. Just filled up my gas tank and it was only half tank to full @$2.97 per gal. And you're soo right about this increase affecting everything else-except increase in salaries.

Trust me, this economic situation is going to cause the breeding of more criminals, con artists and persons doing things the bandooloo way. Luckily for me I unsured in July last so at least I have some time to save up for next year's premium! And all the talk about price gouging will not be allowed to happen .. a bunch of crock if you ask me!

We are just about wrapping up our salary negotiations for 05-06 so there is a small increase on the horizon for me and a little retroactive payment to boot.

As much as I don't support the lawlessness of the protests recently, we need to have more demonstrations until the gov't listens to us and acts accordingly. Too long we as a people have sat down and taken the shitty end of the stick. It's about time we stand up for our rights.

Ra$$ Stunner....dat serious. Is what kinda vehicle dat? My premium for the Integra went up by about $3,000 over what I paid last the figure was suppem like $36G. Mek me count mi blessings.

We all a feel de squeeze still...Christmas yah looking well dark....

My yute, you need to start some kind of business so you too can raise prices when prices go up> Think hard, find some product that people want and gwaan go sell it!

Oh, when you come up wid sup'm, share the idea nuh? Ah dat I man a tink 'bout right now too! ;-)