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Friday, September 23, 2005

Jamaica, Land Of Wood And Water... And Dance!

"SI DI DANCE deh, Ice him a do di Willy Bounce
Si di dance deh, Bwoysy a do di Willy Bounce
" (Bogle - All Dem Deh)

Yes, if yuh caan do di Willy Bounce and di Out and Band yuh a bat! It's the latest dance craze to hit the Jamaican dance scene. Patrons in every club and session can be seen at some point doing the Willy Bounce to a range of dancehall songs and the commands of the ever shouting selector.

Jamaica is has been called the sprint factory in the athletic circle but it has certainly earned another name for it's self, no not the murder capital of the region! The country of Jamaica has earned the title of "Dance Factory". It seems that almost every month a new dance is invented by one of the many and ever increasing dancers. On a typical club night will get your fill of a range of dances done by individuals and the dance crews. Patrons can be seen doing the Willy Bounce, the Out and Band and the Weddi Weddi.

The past two years have given birth to an arsenal of dances, spearheaded by the Energy God: Elephant Man and the late Bogle as well as other dance inventors like John Hype and Sadeiky. The names of these songs are as unusual al the moves that mimic many everyday actions. A few of these dances are: Scooby Doo, Shelly Belly, Row De Boat, Signal de Plane, Pan de River, Log On, Higher Level, Online, Sesame Street, Thuda Clap, Weddi Weddi, And-one and the latest craze Willy Bounce and Out and Band.

Jamaicans are certainly one creative set of people and we certainly know how to party. I am certain there will be a lot more new dances before the year ends. Well, mi gone practice mi moves! Have a wonderful weekend all.

14 commented:

You need to give a description of the new dance.

Hi Stunner-Yu know movement and rhythm is in our blood. We jus cyaan help as a people. I have no clue what the Willie is "in dance form that is" ;-) But when I reach Yard I'll get caught up on all that.

boy I see them but I can't do them to save muh life.

Ditto to what Scratch seh. o mi bredrin seh Ja. is the land of HOOD and water! LOL!

well, well, well, yuh know de Caribbean peoples know how fi mek demself hapy and contented..Dance like yuh nuh care who watchig....
I gotta getmi dance practice on...

i still struggling wid de tatty and mock de dread star. lool, actually last one i pick up was log on but i see so many new ones in truth that i lost. yea man like abeni say give us descriptions preferabbly in stepsso i can try a little weddi weddi or out and bad lol

yow you being nice by saying every month. New dances appearing on the streets like every week.

Bwoy, like JDid, my skills stop @ log on! I might haffi come Jamaica this Chrismus come learn some new moves

Stunner, you a romp! Where is the movie file showing the dance, rasta! Cho!

by george, mi a bat! me can do the Willy Bounce and teh Weddi Weddi....

well actually I know what the weddi weddi looks like but I cant get down too far! LOL

abeni, if you get to watch sean Paul's new video, WE BE BURNING, he does a version of the willy bounce in that one.

I like to see people do the dances but I myself will not be doing them. I'm a winer/bubbler ... I'll stick to "flingin' it up".

I'm not good at describing dances, as I have 2 left feet. But, I will try to fing a clip for you.

In the mean time as yamfoot said Sean Paul video has the dance and Elephant man also has the dance in his latest video.

Washout u need fi hav a video feed o some a di dance dem. Ur choice if u want to be star in a major motion picture

hey plz send me sumtin so i can learn that damn dance yo i freakin luv da willy bounce!!