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Friday, September 09, 2005

Macka Diamond Exposed!!!

I stumbled on this revealing photo (fortunately I may add) of local DJ artiste Macka Diamond (formerly Lady Mackerel) performing on stage while browsing through a site I found on

I must admit that from that angle her body looks rather good! Mi did haffi tek a good look pon da one yah! I can just imagine the excitement of the photographer and the patrons who were in a position to see this exposed look of Macka Diamond.

Macka Diamond has been having great success on the local seen here in Jamaica with a string of hits that have the crowds moving at stage shows and all the ladies chanting "Money Up!!"

Some of her hits include: 'Try Wid Him', 'Teck Con', 'Make Dat Money' and the biggest hit that really pun her on in the limelight 'Done Already'.

With outfits like the one above and the lyrics of her songs Macka certainly will continue to please both men and women alike. Wah di lady seh? "Money Up!!"

12 commented:

Hi Stunner-Mack a Diamond looking 'ealthy. Have a great weekend.

Definitely one for the men:)

ah feeling de blue, yellow, blue but not necessairly de view doh

I gotta get me one of them there outfits...Not!!:)

She wearing what's left of that outfit ain't she?:)

Just passing through showing some love:)


I rate some of her songs.

Stunner, thanks for noticing my post and informing me about word verification. I am American, but cousin visiting me in Tokyo is Jamaican.

He is Peter Tosh's youngest son (aka Tosh 1). DUring his visit, I showed Tosh 1 how to open and administer a blog. check it out at (The content is all his...)

Macka PHAT!

Respec for the birthday wish.

Thanks sunshine, hope you did have a nice one.
Thanks for the visit dee-dee.
Anytime dr. d.!

Macka D will be performing in Grand Cayman this weekend. Money O! Perhaps I will post a pic or two (stolen from a local site) following the concert.

Yow Washout di website look hype
Maka sexi fi real.