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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Emancipation Park, New Kingston

I was in my bed at about 2:00 am and could not fall asleep...Must be a bodily reaction from all the night duties I have been working. So I decided to write a blog (about 3:05 am), but for some strange reason not topic came to mind. Eventually, I decided just to share one of the many photos I have been taking. This and many more will appear on my upcoming website.

This picture was taken at the front of the Emancipation Park in New Kingston. Only if all of Kingston could look like this!

8 commented:

Hi Stunner-Yu get haunted too eh. Thanks for the photo. It's nice for me to see photos of home when you live abroad. Is this the park with the statue of the naked man?

i haven't been to/passed by the park ina usual business doh tek to dat part of town too rehula...not that I miond as New Kingston is aplce I avoid like plague inna de days sake o traffic.

So, how u such an insomniac at 2AM? There are things man can do fe help induce sleep rude bwoy! And me nuh mean blog! ;-)

Enquiring minds want to know abt the nightly duties

JA has quite a few high rise buildings I see...I didn't realize that.

hi everyone. You are welcome sunshine, glad you enjoyed it. Yeah it's the nudity park!

Shi did induce sleep dr,d, suh mi nuh know wah happen after dat, mi sleep fi bout a hour an den mi wake up,

For the enquiring minds, I work shift so I go to work at midnight sometimes.

Yeah man Ja have quiete a few campfyah.

Well, it ain't Manhattan, but there are a few... lets see, plenty of the hotels are a bit tall and then in Kingston, there are several tall biuildings, but it all depends on what you call tall... I don't think one reach 20 stories yet!

yeah they are not all that tall. Jamaica need some 20+ story buildings but not too high though.

Dem need fi fix up down town kingston and put up some down deh

So that's the famous emancipation Park my husband saw it when he came to Jamaica in April looks lovely.