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Monday, September 26, 2005


On Sunday afternoon a peaceful law abiding citizen became an outlaw! Yes I'm now a fully fledged criminal, waiting to pay for my alleged criminal activity!

It all began yesterday afternoon. There I was driving and cruising down the major highway coming from a wonderful weekend in Mobay, heading back to Kingston. I was cruising a a moderate speed, as I was not in any rush to go back into the dreaded city. When suddenly out of no where I was attacked by the feds! There they were in the middle of the road pointing a gun at me and ordering me to pull over!

"Good afternoon officer, how can I help you?", I said in a calm way. As he pointed the gun in my face he sternly uttered, "You were driving at 78km/h in a 50km/h zone.", while showed me the reading on the speed gun. Imagine my shock and disbelief! I could not believe this! There were no road signs to indicate the speed limit! Not even one! And poor me, playing it by the book, and driving within the prescribed speed limit for major highways in Jamaica (not highway 2000, which is a lovely 110km/h).

I tried to explain to the officer that there were no speed signs, I thus assumed it was 80km/h as the book said, and that I'm from Kingston and not familiar with the roads in St. Elizabeth so I wouldn't have known the speed limit without seeing a sign. But he was having none of that, he had no sense of reasoning. Not even a ounce! So he took my documents and wet over to another officer who took ages to write up the charges.

I was thinking for a while, as I waited patiently for my sentence, that maybe the wanted me to come out of the car and walk across the road and beg them not to give me the ticket and then there ultimate wish, that I would buy my way out of a ticket. But I was not, I'm a law abiding citizen, now outlawed by the wicked lawmen. I guess they were upset that I didn't grant them there wish as the outcome will show. Well, if they had offered I would not have refused because tickets nuh cheap in Jam down!

The officer then eventually walked over with my documents and the charge. I took my documents from him and took my own little time to secure them and put them away while he stood in the hot sun...bitch!

I then took the ticket book and reviewed. Then the horrible injustice slapped my in the face like a brick soaked in water! The bastard of an officer slapped me with a $5000.00 fine and took 2 pints off my driver's license! Oh the injustice, the badmindism, the wickedness of theses so called lawmen! So as off tomorrow morning I will be $5000.00 poorer, the price I pay for injustice!

With all this fresh in my mind and the sobering feeling of a cold Heiniken I decided to look up the qualifications needed to be an officer as I could not believe that these officers could not see reasoning and let me off with a warning or at least just the $5000.00 fine. This is what I found: No basic education needed! "Welcome to Jam Rock!"

12 commented:

Man, that is definately an unjust thing to do my youth! 2 points of the license? Damn! It's funny though that these cops have to take lessons in English Language, Sociology, and Fundamental Rights of Citizens and still not know nothing about human behaviors, the English language, and the rights of us innocent folks!

Hush. Whappen to you stun gun Stunner? ;-) Jus cool.

Last time I was stopped I must say the officer exercised lenience. It was about 6-7 months ago, one night coming back in from Pvt. practice I was on the Rockfot Road doing 76 km/hr. I was totally unaware that once you pass the Cement Company is 'Corporate Area' with a 50 kn/hr limit. Anyhow, he eventually decided not to book me. I posted 'bout it if you waan read. Maybe you can think 'bout investing in a stethoscope! ;-) Drop it pon de front seat!

Never mind rude bwoy, the 5G naw kill you. It coulda worse. Tek it easy on de press.

Yow that sux. I get pulled over almost very holiday I'm at home. Its an industry for them. Uhhm if 5000 and 2 points is worth it to you, I'd contest it - usually if your willing to show up to court and be polite to the judge they will drop it.

See,if you were a cute young woman you woulda get away.Yeah, I kno life eh fair

Hi Stunner-What a bummer. Maybe you should try and contest it. How long do your points stay on your report? I believe it's 18 months in the US. Have a good day.

No basic education required, huh? Explains alot.

It would be a waste of time to contest it. Jamaica's justice system does not defend the law abiding citizen and also the case would be held in Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth and I live in Kingston.

I agree wid you Stunner. pay de 5G and done.

Next ting you contest it and de day you fe go court the Policeman cyaan mek it. Case put off fe a next three month. Man haffi work and nuh have nuh time fe waste.

"Oh the injustice, the badmindism, the wickedness of theses so called lawmen!"!

Trust me, that line broke me up! Dunno why, its not like its not true, but still! LOL

Heres my CI$200,000... in my experience, contesting the ticket is futile... Shotta M must be extremely lucky.

Finally, up to when I left Jam, they weren't really keeping track of points pon license, (the computer that did it wasn't working) so I never used to worry about it... Still, they have nuff Brits a run di place now, so be careful.

BTW, how did you settle on the name "Stunner"?

No biggy, how I chose that name. I'll let you all know tomorrow

Hush Stunner. Dem hungry. Remember is month end now so dem have to make up the salary by trying to get some extra $$$. Believe me, dem probably cuss after yu tek di ticket and drive off a seh how yu cheap and fool fool cause yu coulda probably give dem 2 gran and get off easy.

I have vowed that I will not pay any of these illiterate, ignorant criminal characters we call police.