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Thursday, September 29, 2005

A Piece Of Mobay

Just wanted to share this picture that I took, while I was in Montego Bay, with you all. That's an Air Jamaica plane landing over the beautiful Jamaican coastline.

6 commented:

Doctor's Cave Beach! One of my favorite beaches anywhere... Breezes MoBay... Good times on the MoBay Hip Strip... gotta love it!

Hi Stunner-You've brought back so many memories when I last lived in MoBay some 15 years ago. They used to close off that main strip I believe every Monday night and all the restuarants would set up shop right on the side walks.

Yes, Doctor's Cave. Only thing 'bout it I doh like is that it sudenly gets very deep...cyaan walk out far.

Nice picha.

Very nice photo... I'd love to go there someday.