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Friday, September 30, 2005


Mad Bull asked me on one of my most recent posts how I settled on the name Stunner. Well let me share my story.

Once upon a time long long ago in a land far far away...Just kidding!

The story behind the name Stunner is not as fascinating as Angry Dog's story. It all began a few years ago while I was going to Utech. I was on dorm at the time. Cash Money just came out with their song "The Number One Stunner". I seem to have taken a liking to the song. I played it almost everyday on my little (but powerful) CD radio. I even started to sing the chorus of the song all the while, "...I'm the number one Stunner, wha, wha,wha, what. The number Stunner..."

The next step in the evolution of the name came when I started to refer to myself as the Number One Stunner. My room mates and friends seem to like the name as well and started to call me Stunner at times as well as my dorm name (which I will not divulge, so don't even ask!). So that's how I came to be known as The Number One Stunner or as most of my friends say Stunner.

Let me take this opportunity to introduce my new profile picture as depicted in this post. So don't be alarmed when you see it.

5 commented:

Let off de dorm name...there are no babies inna dem parts rude bwoy!

I agree with Kami and Doc let off!!!!

I insist that I shalt not divulge that information.

Yep, I was there..... Stunner!!