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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Join The LFPTP Club

Do you constantly anticipate the next pay day?

Does your pay seems to finish before you get it?

Are your expenses always more than your savings an your pay?

Do you notice your money is finished and you cannot see what you have done with it?

Do you find that you can hardly save any money?

Do your dreams of achieving certain things seem to be nothing more than a mere dream?

Then you are eligible for the LFPTP (Living from Pay-Cheque to Pay-Cheque) Club!!!

Have you noticed how hard it is to save now-a-days? It's like the word save has disappeared from most people's vocabulary...I know it has disappeared from mine! How about you? It seems as if the normal day to day expenses have mushroomed into an overwhelming deficit on personal budgets.

Light, water, gas and most naturally everything else that is produced with the aid of these keep getting more and more expensive at an alarming rate. Oh and don't forget the wagonists who just jump on the price hike bandwagon to exploit poor people. And for the majority of the hard working persons, our pays remain constant or just barely increase by a dollar or two, which is negated by the continuous devaluation of the currency. That's not all folks, don't forget the constant robbery that we endure every month as the government deducts it's tax money that you work so hard for. I have stopped looking at that part of my salary advise, as it only makes me boil with anger and frustration. It's a miracle how we make ends meet...That is if we do.

It's a tough, or should I say tuff world out there and it seems to be getting tougher, rougher and harder every day! Right now it seems like a matter of just mere survival.

The obstacles are stacked against us. You are working for a company that is paying you minimum wage, as you are grossly underpaid. So you say why not start a business. That idea is shortly complicated when you realize all the red tape and legal fees as well as taxes that you will have to endure to start a business that has a 50% chance of being a total failure!

With all of this in mind, what are ambitious, hard working people to do? Well I'm still search for a way out. But in the mean time I am a part of the LFPTP Club! There are no dues of fees to pay when you join this club, because all a di club members dem a bruk pocket! You only need to be a hard working bruk pocket individual fi join! All you need to do is to help other members find a way out while doing your search. So remember the invitation is always open. Will you join?

12 commented:

I thought I was a founding member. :D

Meeting called to order...I am your president Scratchie speaking......

I have lifetime membership to rahtid! ;-0

Hi Stunner...saw ur profile, very similar to mine...

Bwoy, I would even get LFPTP 4 Life tatted on my arm or stomach, but unfortunately, it's not within the budget of my pay-check! Oh well, some magic marker and duct tape always does the trick!

Broke Phi Broke.

interesting profile kara

This is one of those automatic membership clubs.

Shucks...Man I got serious stock shares in that club long time now.

I am head of the trin chapter.:O)

Lol.aren't you all a group of broke pocket people! Just joking peeps,just joking.

Welcome to the LFPTP Club my fellow members.

Don't forget me when planning the first meeting.