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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Back in School

Have you ever notice how for the first weeks of school yuh feel dunce? Come on don't lie a nuh mi alone!

Yeah it has resumed the long days of boring classes, the long nights of studying, the never ending projects, the countless tests and to top it off, the grand finale, Final Exams. I hate school!

Well what can I do, want a better job and to accomplish something in life so I am damn to the sentence of tertiary education...Or mi can go sell some drugs. I think I'll play it safe though and go to school. I might as well gear up for another year of unmanageable work trying to juggle school and work and my other activities without driving myself crazy!

I guess I have to put up with it if I want to improve my life. Wah di jingle seh? "Tinga linga ling the school bell ring and it's back to school again"!

9 commented:

It is the universal problum amoung those who have not yet escaped from our accepted, temporary, prison known as school. But yes, it is all worth it in the long run. I keep myself going by looking at job offers that I can accept in a few years with my masters degree. I will make more in a yaer, than I would make in a decade with only a highschool diploma.

C. Samuel is right. I went the same path as you (work and school) and I never regretted it. I enjoyed school though, there were some foxes attending UWI with me. Where you going, UWI? UTech? Where?

School is the way to go unless you have a better idea or a bigger plan. Some people have managed to make it and make it good without a tertiary education. Those that I know have been blessed with a good business mind and sense and made that work for them.

So, if you can come up with the next big invention or great idea that will make you billions ... go for it.

stunner tiefing a browse at work says:

I can't wait to get a better paying jo myseff. Tha's what is driving me right now.

I'm going to Utech, unfortunately. The girl dem hot still, fi real mad bull! That a di only thing I like bout Utech! Takes my mind off the stress!

I'm still searching for a business idea, cooldestiny.

I am in the school and work route now. I guess it is a reality of life.

I did nuff years of regrets yet.

Enjoy those years, they pass quickly Stunner!

Yes sir.School is a struggle and sometimes it hard to stay motivated.You know a guy named Dania Palmer?

NO I don't think so abeni

I hope so dr. d, I hope so!

Its good to know that I am not the only one doing this school work thing do like c. samuel says I collect job vacancies for when I get my degree keeps me motivated.