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Friday, September 16, 2005


Once upon a time not so long ago I could leave out of my house at 7:40 am and arrive at work at 07:55 to start my 8:00 shift! This was just a couple of weeks ago. How much the road has changed since September! Now I have to leave my house by 7:00 the latest to reach work! And I’m traveling from just up Arcadia to Half Way Tree Road.

The beginning of school not only heralds school fees, increased spending, trips to the stores for uniforms and school supplies but also TRAFFIC! I mean bumper-to-bumper traffic. Sometimes I wonder where all a dem vehicle yah a come from. It’s like a flash flood after a sudden downpour of torrential rain! I took the picture above this morning while on my way to work. I was at the intersection of Waterloo Road,Upper waterloo road and West Kings House Road. I want you to look at it closely. Do you notice that the stoplight is on green, but all the cars have on their brake lights? That should give you an idea of the situation I…Well most Kingston residents face every weekday morning.

The authorities need to come up with a plan to alleviate this growing problem. I think they should start thinking expanding some more of the roads in the corporate area as well as redevelop downtown Kingston with a good plan that will see a minimum occurrence of these types of traffic jams. Wi soon haffi walk go a work or leave wi yard from midnight fi reach weh wi a go early!

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Hi Stunner-I'm just wondering is the super highway is finished from Pt Antonio to Kingston? If so I wouldn't be surprised if suburban development progress out of Kingston. I don't think anything can be done with widening the roads. There just isn't nay space. So between too many cars on the roads and lack of space the only way to help alleviate is moving business downtown our out of town.

same story and if yuh think it gets better as the day goes on think again. I work downtown and is grief to get there in the mornings.

All de islands sufferin de same fate..too much imported cars. In Barbados dem considering fly-overs or staggered work hrs. another things which has to be done, is to move some of the business out of the center of town.

Serious situation my ute.

I have 2 solutions

1. Everybadi sell dem cyar and buy bycicl'.

2. Government sell dem soul fi build overhead roads.

AHHHH Anybody got any IDEAS!!!

KD tend to leave later...after most o de traffic gone. If I leave here in peak hours it can tek me a hour fe reach work. Leaving later, the same trip tek me 20 minute. Traffic is a ----claat (insert yu favourite!)

In Bermuda...restricted to one car per family. In other places, even # license plates on even dates, odd #s on odd dates. Staggering of work hours is a thought, but traffic deh pon de road whole day to rahtid. I not so sure how we can counterct it.

Nothing like getting your fresh dose of road rage in the morning huh?

I stop studying the traffic now as it only causes me to be in more rage! There is even traffic on the highways now so mi nuh know what will happen!

I don't know of any super highway to Port Antonio sunshine! The only plans I know for the road to Port Antonio is to rehabilitate the norrow roads. The highways being built are running from Kingston to: Mobay via south coast and to Mobay via Ocho Rios.

Mi haffi leff out early dr. d, got to reach work by 8. I need to leave home even earlier now.

Di bicycle thing kinda sound like a plan. Mi just nuh trust riding one wid dem mad driva yah pon di roads.

Road rage seems to becoming a normal road behaviour of late.

Screw the gov't, you need to make a plan. I say, buy a scooter. They're cheap, burn little gas, and you can scoot around the traffic. Insurance costs are low too...
After you get that, you only have to worry about the thieves, but then, right now, the thieves are prolly more focussed on cars and big bikes, so you might just be able to scoot around those too... oh yeh, insurance costs should be less too.
Of course, you may not want to sell your car still, as rain does fall sometimes, and Jamaican women will prolly prefer to be taken out in a car rather than on a scooter.

Let me know what you think of my idea. I may well follow my own advice soon... we shall see...

On the side of Gov't, as Camp suggested, they need to move some companies offices to Portmore, rasta. Give tax breaks and thing so ppl will make the move.

Before the Gov. can move expand into Portmore they need to have detailed city plan and also the would need to demolish some of the mistakes that were built over there. But it would be a good Idea to have a kinda twin-city thing.

The only way mi a get a scoota is if nobody else nuh deh pon di road! Dem yah mad driva yah inna jamaica! Mi wi stck wid the car.

It looks like getting up earlier is the plan.Nutten worse than being stuck in traffic eh

the solution is flexi time!

just that people too set in them ways to embrace it.

imagine if half the population went to work from 7:30am to 3:30pm and the other half (working peole I mean) went from 10 am to 6pm?

For one, the early shift people would be at the gym by 4pm and it wouldnt be so packed at 5 and 6pm.

For two, the late shift people could go to the gym at 8am, therefore not clogging up the gym at 6am!

I never had a permanent job where I had to go in at 8 or 8:30 or 9. In fact, one year I went in for either 4:30pm to 11pm, OR 11:00pm to 8:30am. What bliss that was. No traffic.

But I wonder why we accept it and just sit in the traffic so. Why dont we stay at work one hour later. More work would get done cause allt he phones not ringing.

The shift system is the way to go. It helps the schools. I went to school for 11 something for one year. That again was bliss! Could listen to the Morning story on RJR at 10:15 am (then rush like hell to catch the 10:30am bus, or else i woulda haffi walk 15 mins to a different bus stop).

I just dont get how people are so set in their ways. Everybody shoudl work in a hotel, or some other indusstry that works on shift, and they would get accustomed to working for any 8 hour period during a day.

I think because so many businesses are in Kingston that why. Persons who work out of town dont have that problem. They go opposite the traffic.

In Belize I hear that on any particular day everyone cannot drive. They will announce for example that persons with license plate starting with 5 cannot drive. So you dawn well have to pool with someone.

The dawn taxi man dem worsen the congestion too. Dem jus cawn wait. They are like a menace to society although mi stunner when him ready put down some taxi man driving.

Sometimes when the police them monitor the traffic it flow better. If is not some idiot.

If we all get bicycles and scooters meck sure unnu have unnu rain coats and water boots.