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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Rainy, Rainy Afternoon - The Kingston Deluge

The First Taste

Yesterday started out overcast with intermittent scorching sunshine, just as his been for the past couple of weeks. But this was just a decoy from what was about to happen later on in the afternoon! As the afternoon drew near at about 3 or 4 pm the dark ominous clouds appeared and covered the unsuspecting city of Kingston. Then it struck without the usual one-two prelude drops, no it came down with a sudden vengeance. By the time I headed out of school at about 5:45 pm the ground was saturated and there was no one walking with umbrellas. No, the frail umbrellas could not withstand the downpour. As you can see from the picture above the rain was taking control. But this was not the worst of it at all!

Things Get Worst!

By the time I turned of Old Hope Road and headed into Hope Pastures (have to avoid the traffic) I was startled by the river that was flowing along the road way. Trust mi a riva did deh pon di road! Some serious water. Note in the picture above, you are not looking at the surface of the road but at a body of water of about 1 foot! My driving was reduced to a crawl, I'm sure I saw a snail doing the back-stroke pass me and the other cars. Believe it or not the water on the road got even worst as I continued along my route.

Deeper Waters

The water galloped along the road like an unrestrained wild horse! As I battled with the mighty force of the water, I must admit that at times my heart accelerated a bit. The water got so deep at one point that the car felt like it began to float and the water started to splash up on the bonnet of the car! No I didn't get any photos of that, as I had to have all my mental faculties in tact. Fortunately, the driver ahead of me didn't stop or stall or I would have been in some deep sh.., I mean waters.

Finally, after sailing...I mean driving through the flood waters on the road and then the huge traffic pile up (cause yuh done know seh when town people si rain dem head straight fi di road). Trust me the traffic along Barbican River...Sorry, I meant to say Barbican Road was nasty. I finally arrived home dry and safely. One good thing came out of all of this is dat mi nuh haffi wash mi car yet!

The evening's adventure didn't end there. Join me tomorrow for, Mi Key To Ra$$!!!

10 commented:

I don't know what was up on Barbican River err Road yesterday evening. traffic was at a standstill which is unusual in the direction I was going. Normally is a hell line towards Acadia but yesterday it was in both directions. Rain on the roads was ruff. This morning now we have to deal with the newly formed shortcuts to China.

What kind of photo journalism is this? You didn't have the faculties to get a picture of the water splashing onto the bonnet? Man that's the story! :D Glad you came out in one piece.

wow...glad u're safe.
The rain is crazy huh? But I guess the earth needs it. As long as I don't float away...I'm good.


Dang Stunner, that brings back memories of last week when I was driving up to Delaware to see Pebbles...5 hours of non-stop rain to rhatid! But you dun know seh God see we thru. Anyhow, u are one brave man for taking pictures in that downpour while driving!

Yes, Rasta, that looked like a lot of rain... Good thing your cyar can swim. So where the I live? Cherry Gardens? How the pothole dem? Backside, I was in Yard in July and bwoy, the potholes in Cherry Gardens will make your skin crawl. If you drop in one, you will disappear like that girl who disappeared in Aruba... without a trace.

Cherry Gardens, the only way I can afford to live in Cherry Gardens is to plant some cherry tries in the garden outside mi place!

But mad bull, yuh an schrachie right, some serious craters deh pon di road. If you yuh drop in one a those there is no coming back for you!

Mercy sakes Stunner. Yu good to tek photo in that weather. I hear it's been raining for the past few weeks.

Wata deh bout nuff nuff.

Potholes in a bad way...will mek even decent pplz like me cuss dutty claat! ;-)

Stunner i just wrote bout the rains in kingston and how the roads become accounts are nowhere as funny as urs thought...but seriously..dem haffi do sumpin bout the drainage, this is ridiculous...thought about taking my camera with me next time too...

lol @ scratchie and the shortcuts to china...

Hope Pastures is my neck of the woods....has been since 1978