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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Enter The Meatrix

On a lighter side today, can't be depressing you guys all the time, I have something to put a smile on your faces. I received this funny animation in my email a long time ago, but for some reason it pop up in my memory. So I decided to share it with you peeps in Blogland. Turn up the pc speaker volume, Buckle-up and Enter The Meatrix! You can click the link above, the image above or click here to enter the Meatrix, enjoy.

12 commented:

Awesome - I've just realized the importance of supporting local business and eating whole foods in the last year. Thanks for sharing this - awesoem.

stunner that was some cool stuff. very smart.

T.G.I.F (have a nice one)

Excellent, excellent post here! I for one have gradually been buying organic. Whole Foods is my choice. I hope everyone is able to and does support the organic farmer.

Great Post Stun…...I’m gonna pass it along.

Yo - more bloggage, por favor.

Informative Stunner...but gimme me meat still....

Funny, but I still eat meat. lol
I'm assuming you dont eat meat?

I thought about trying the whole vegitarian lifestyle, but just can't do it, caan do without mi meat!