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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Jamaica Bites Back!

On November 1, 2005 the Cayman Islands government imposed a visa restriction on the island of Jamaica. Jamaican residents who previously were allowed entry into the island freely would now have to apply for a Cayman visa if they wish to travel to that country. [see article] The Jamaican government did not seem to happy with this decision and threatened to do the same. Well it seems the Jamaican government did follow through on their word. Effective December 1, 2005 Cayman nationals will now require a visa to enter Jamaica. [see article]. I don't know if the Jamaican government has a good reason to impose this or if it's just out of retaliation. I'll leave you to decide. This might impact negatively on those Caymanians who wish to apply for a US visa, as they are required to do the interview at the US embassy here in Jamaica.

I have no problem with a country imposing visa restrictions. It is the right of any government to implement entry restrictions to protect its citizens. However, my problem with Cayman is not that they have imposed the visa requirement, but it is the process that is involved in acquiring this visa. Let me share some of these requirements with you:

  1. A valid passport with at least six months,
  2. A police record.
  3. It is also beneficial for applicants to include original documentation of personal circumstances, such as bank statements, evidence of employment, or proof of assets.
  4. Processing of the visa request takes approximately two weeks. The decision will be made in The Cayman Islands and notification will be sent through the office in Jamaica to the respective applicant.

Six months? What difference does it make whether I had it 2 days? What, it is more authentic at 6 months?
The latter three are the ones that pisses me off the most! Why the hell must I get a police record just to get a visa, I am not looking citizenship or a job in Cayman. No other country, that I know of, requires a police record just for a visa application!
I should produce my original documents to increase my chances of getting the visa? I have no problem showing my original documents, but not under the circumstances dictated by point number 4! Processing takes two weeks! What the hell? I must wait all of two weeks and furthermore it is not processed in Jamaica! I have allow them to send my important documents to Cayman, for them to get "misplaced"? For 2 weeks! And then after all of this plus the visa fee, they might just come up with some corny, invalid reason for me to be granted the visa! Hell no!

My view: If Cayman feels it's in their best interest to impose a visa restrictions for Jamaica, it's their right to do so. However, both the requirements and the application process needs to be revised.

Thanks for all the best wishes for my exams, I'm going to need it! I doubt I will be posting or commenting much for the next two weeks since my exams are next week. I might leave you with some pics and just a short line. I am happy everyone loved the big booty girl in my last post, I loved it too ;).

16 commented:

Typical man to end your post talking about booty!! *wink*

What will happen if you don't have a police record?!?! Will they deny you a visa then?? That to me dosen't make any sense.

Good luck on your exams I'm sure you will do well.


I've been watching this particular storm brew for a few weeks now. While I understand the rationale behind the Cayman Islands' move, I don't necessarily agree with their reasoning and these requirements - well - more than a bit unreasonable, really.

BTW, good luck with the exams. Something tells me you'll do just fine.

They process put in place by the turtles sucks...I agree. I've been there twice and even though I have good bredrins living there now, I am not putting myslef through the hassle fe go deh. The process does need revision.

Initially it was said that US, Canadian and UK visa holdrs would not need the visa. Now I understand that nuh apply anymore. So here wah, me will rest a mi yard.

Lick weh de exams and.....more booty my yute! ;-)

Personally, I take issue with their reasoning, or lack of it thereof. As you say it is their right so........

Requirements seem excessive.I'll watch how this plays out with much interest

it seems a bit silly dont it? anyway kudos to the jamaican government for striking back

oh man i missed the girl last post but i see her now and thanks lol

good luck with the exams

I heard a rumor that this is to cut down on the crime in Cayman which is being committed by Jamaicans.

Bajanqueen, it's part of the application requirement, so if you don't submit a police record you definately will not get the visa.

I'm glad you all have the same view as I do, this Cayman visa requirement is unneccessary.

Dr. D I know I won't be going to Cayman again if this stays in place!

Like you Jdid, I too am in support of the Jamaican Governments decission.

Sunshine, from what I hear, the only thing cutting down is business!

Anyway, back to work...

Yeah I'm not sure what's up with the police record. I just find it really sad especially since the islands are practically right next door.

Sometimes I have to wonder what the politicians (Caymanian) are thinking.

Mek mi talk!

Ok, Stunner, yes, as a law abiding Jamaican, you feel affronted. My yute, many of the Jamaicans over here ARE causing crime! I will be looking through the paper and the top article says "Ja. Gov't. imposes visa restrictions on Cayman" and the very next article says "3 Jamaicans held with 2 tons of weed in the Brac", or "Jamaican gets six months for assaulting immigrations officer" or "Counterfeiting ring held yaddayadda They were Jamaican". The Caymanians are perfectly able to commit crimes, but as we say back home, "If a egg, we inna de red!".
The police record is to show them that at least as far as the police know, you are a law abiding citizen. You see, over here, it doesn't necessarily take that long to get a police record. Now the Jamaican police force are backward lacking in computers, etc. and so they take a week and more. Don't blame Cayman for that!
About the only thing really wrong with there visa requirements is that they seem to want you to send your documents to them here in Cayman. I wouldn't want to do that either.

As a Jamaican over here, I would really love it if I saw "Jamaica" in the press in positive lights, so I am not fighting the visa shitstem.

I totally agree with this bredda. Back a yard, if we could enforce visas against some of the bad bwoy dem to stop dem coming into our neighbourhoods, we would!

Politicking...I don't get invovled:)

What's up you good? I'm playing catch up over here right now:)

Mad Bull, I don't wrong Cayman for imposing a visa restriction. And I agree with you that Jamaicans, are doing some wrongs in Cayman and elsewhere...don't know why a di bad eggs dem get to live abroad! I am also glad you stated that the Cayman people also commit some of the crimes there. But as I said before, it's the requirements for attaining the visa that I have a problem with. Someone can have a clean police record and be engaged in the worst of wrongs at the same time. So the police record is not that full-proof, and it cost money to get one. And the worst thing is the whole issue of letting them have their way with my documents for two weeks. That just doesn't go well with me.

It sounds like the point of the requirement is to discourage jamaicans from going to the Caymans. Who wants their originals sent to another country for 2 weeks?

Heard on the radio that the Caymanian guy who seems to be running the visa thing reported that the system is working well, very few Jamaicans have so far been denied visas (don't remember the number) and that the average turnaround time for you to get your docs back with visa was three days! How that sound, Stunner?
On the other side, the Jamaican Visa Office workers over here complaining that they need more manpower, as plenty people are rushing the place to get Jamaican passports and visas.

"6 months" means that the passport must have at least 6-months validity remaining before travelling. This is a common requirement.

Interestingly enough, there was an article in the Cayman paper where companies lamented the loss of business due to the new visa requirements for Jamaicans. See article here:

Message to the Caymans: Be careful what you wish for...