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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

What the F...!

I was at work on Tuesday morning as I said in the last post. So I was browsing through The Gleaner's website when I stumbled upon some interesting articles.

Bruce Willis Offers Reward for Bin Laden

Mr. Die Hard himself Bruce Willis has taken it upon himself to offer US$1,000,000 to anyone who turns in Osama bin Laden. This is the same man who earlier offered the same amount to for the capture of Saddam Hussein. What the f...! Is Bruce being a die hard American? No, this 5o yearold almost over the hill actor is trying to steal the spotlight! You and I well know that no one will be turning over bin Laden with all them al-Qaida terrorists running around with bombs strapped to themselves. And what about Saddam...well there is a clause that the US military cannot accept such a donation. And, since it was the US army that captured Saddam....yeah you guessed it. Brucey smartypants keeps his money. [read article]

"Wako Jacko" Caught In Ladies Bathroom

Ok Miss...sorry Mr. Jackson was recently caught in a public ladies restroom applying his makeup. It is reported to have stumbled into a ladies toilet, wearing a woman's Arabic headscarf and was caught in the act of applying rouge makeup to his cheeks. What the f...! This guy just gets more wacky everyday! It is also reported that Jacko scared a poor woman out of her shoes, and started a screaming match...woman screaming, Jacko screaming...for all those who watched Scary Movies 3, you know what I'm talking about. Ok Michael, you have been accused of abusing children...MORE THAN ONCE!, you've dangled a baby out of a window, you think you're Peter Pan and now you're cross dressing and sneaking into women's toilets! Why Jacko, why! [read article]

Elton John Desperate To Become A Housewife

Elton John has expressed his desperation to appear on an episode of the popular TV show Desperate Housewives. It has been reported that the aging singer has been harassing Teri Hatcher to help him get him a part on the TV series. He was quoted as saying, "It's so bitchy and funny! I'd love to do Desperate Housewives."What the f...! So mister Elton what role should we assume you would want to play? An estranged gay housewife form England? Or the gay lover of one of the wives cheating husband?. Can you imagine Elton watching and episode of Desperate Housewives? Yeah I know you don't want to.

It seems he cannot wait to get on the tele, as he is now in the process of making a TV show based on himself. The comedy...yes comedy, which will focus on a over-the-hill rock star, his manager and his hangers on, is named "Him and Us" will be aired on ABC. I don't even want to know what that show will entail. [read article]

It just seems these famous people just keep getting more and more bizarre and always find some way to cry out for our attention! Things like these make you want to say what the f...!

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Saw the articles yesterday Stunner. What the F! What the ra$$ indeed.

Is called more celebrated dem more fart dem get up to. Dem nuh have nutten fe bodda dem!

Celebs are all weird if you ask me.

Nothing surprising about MJ at all

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Micheal, Micheal, Micheal....what next! This man is controversy just waiting to happen allllll the time!

As for the rest....oh please! They have to much money and are bored.

Great post!


Im gonna agree with Brea...they are all weird...I think it's the bright lights big city moteef...chk spling:)

Michael Jackel applying rouge...why am I not suprised!

News can be quite entertaining sometimes...

Well, I found the Bruce Willis one interesting. I hope someone does hand him over, both for the additional security worldwide and to see if Bruce coughs up the money. Still, Bruce better be careful lest some of the terrorists doah put a price on his head!

Illusions of Grandeur. He starred in some recent movie were he goes to Nigeria (I kid you not) to save the villagers from the corrupt army. or some bullshit like that.

died harder

Hi Stunner-I posted a comment and once again blogger didn't post. Anyhow, MJ, I have to really wonder about that buoy. I wonder if it's just publicity. Crazy.

Okay that was funny. Maybe I just tune out when MJ comes on tv but I didn't hear anything about him in the bathroom.

you right yes WTF is up with these people hell in a handbasket thats what the old folks say the world going to hell in a handbasket.

bruce must think this is die hard 4

mad bull sed it right, bruce gonna get tested one of these days if he dont watch his step.

as for michael

"Under local law it is forbidden to take unauthorised pictures to sell for profit."

lucky for him eh? dumb ass.

Bruce Willis is cheap. Only one million?!? :-D