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Saturday, November 19, 2005

A Hair Raising Cap

Once again I'm being held against my will at 4:45am at work. The price one has to pay to eat and have a roof over one's head! Not feeling to well tonight, gots da cold. Started out as a sinus problem (damn draining at di back of mi throat)...well so I thought, but turned into something more sinister...damn virus dem floating roun di place! Got anything that can help Dr. D? So due to my demise I don't have the frame of mind to write a proper post.

Anyway, just wanted to share this picture that has been on the Jamaica Star website for some time. This guy is a barber and decided to cut his hair in the form of a hat. You can click here to read the article. Very interesting isn't it. Jamaican's are such talented people. I wonder how him wash it though?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

18 commented:

Stunner...dem flu viruses are suppem else. Plenty Vit C, fluids, some rest won't hurt....and hol off de lika (if possible). Maybe some Vit S if it can arrange might help to ! ;-)

Yeah, dat hair style deh is suppem else.

Wow! he is good...but why?

I need to read that article like asap:)

I could do that with my hair but it tried to kill me so I had to cut it. it get totally unmanagabble after a point.

gangsta or what? that is a very funny picture.

yup! he's good.

I think I've seen everything. Thats one style I won't be trying anytime soon.

Wow, that is truly amazing.

Sorry to hear about your cold...

That hair style is something else.



feel better. our hair is so versatile what will they think of next.

Get well soon, bro. Hey dat hair style is off the chain. Who tell tuh seh im a wash it?

i'm going to try that style lol

Hi Stunner-that is amazing the hari hat-LOL

Okay that pic had me phooled fa' real, leave it to ya'll jamaicans to keep the fashion
This will put the ever so popular kangols out of business for sure!

Hope you feel better soon!

Nice hat, I wonder if it works in the rain.

I don't think I'll be trying that style anytime soon.

Saw the "hat" at the Star's site already, you know I cruise it every so often. Get well soon, roots. There must be something to what the Doc says about the lika because I didn't \ease off and I still have a low-grade cold thing going on maybe a month after I first contracted the virus.

Word Verification : ytaujihh, I think...

You so right about that one, my yoot. Jamaicans is some o' de most talented people I ever meet!