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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Unda Pressha!

I have been a very very bad blogger lately. But I have an excuse, a valid one. I have been so busy in the last couple of days, it's not funny. I had three projects to do and they were due today...I have completed only two! But fortunately my lecturer was gracious enough to grant an extension on the third one. I have now received yet two other assignments due two weeks time, and a test on the day the assignment is due. And oh yes final exams are just around the corner!Whoii di stresss!!!

It's 12:40 am and the reason why I'm up is because I have ran out of clothes so I have to be doing my laundry and I have work at 8:00 am. You know who is going to be in a grunpy mood when he wakes up. I washed my car earlier in the night, I had to, it did look too bad! So that took up all of the eavening I had left after coming home from school.

Normally I would steal a little blogging at work, but since lately work has become such a task. I have been so busy at work, I hardly have time to scratch my head...not saying my head is itching, no mi nuh have lice! Well yuh get the picture.

I promise that I will try to post a decent post before the end of the week I have started to try and catch up with all you guys blogs. I have gone thru and posted comments on a few blogs thus far, but no, I haven't abandoned you guys.

14 commented:

Easy my yute.....flex and drink two juice Friday check out the picha inna de link that me lef pon MB comment box about New Categories? The Aye Caramba link? Dat suppose fe help de stress you...then might jus mek a man start feel some tension to rahtid! ;-)

Tek it when you get de chance and doh work too hard.

Hi Stunner-Was wondering what happened to you. You're doing it though-juggling things. Anyhow, almost the end of the week. Hang tough.

Man, I eh much better off than you right now. Ran out of filler posts today. Take some rest when you can.

Yes, I've been wondering where you've been! :)

Did you have to remind me that finals are coming? Sheesh

Best of luck with your work!

sounds like Utech schedule.....cruel assignment lineup....take it in stride

Yes Dr. D I saw that pic. Man yuh eye dem must have been poping out of your head. I bet that's the mosh cherished pic from you trip.

Stunner...that was Aruba....2003

Oh, ok, my mistake. But I bet you enjoyed that moment! lol

It happens to the best of us. So just tek it easy, Holiday break coming soon.
Good Luck on yuh finals and projects.

Hey, interesting blog you got going here...I read a few of your posts.

Hope you "un-pressha" soon.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

I haven't been by since the "Meatrix" Which I adored...what's good with you?

Thanks for dropping by Guyana-Gyal.

I'm hanging in there Dee-Dee.