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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Jamaica Bites Back! - Follow Up

Stunner teifing (stealing) a post at work: I saw this in The Gleaner today and since my last post was about this same issue, I just had to share it with you!

12 commented:

I doubt that the Jamaican Visa restricions are anywhere as unreasonable as Cayman. I also doubt that Caymen would require citizens from other countries to go through all of the trouble they are trying to put Jamaicans through. This is discrimination and it seems to me it would only hinders non criminals.

reality is that if the criminals want to go somewhere....a visa ain't gonna stop them.

Whadup Stunner? Poor us Jamdowners....soon need visa fe go everywhere.

Hear hear Sctachie. But as Scratchie pointed out the ramifications that this will lead to will probably cause problems doing business between our countries.

That's to funny!

Get back to work young man!!!



Right on Scratch. That was pretty much my point too.
New laws don't stop crime, criminals don't follow the law.
It's illegal to carry guns, how's that working out?

Unreasonable is right Justacoolcat.
Right on Scratchie, visa can't stop criminals. Yep Dr. D we soon need visa fi everywhere!

Never fails, huh? It's the law abiding folk who get the shaft everytime.

Actually, Cayman put about three other countries on a visa system at the same time they put Jamaica on theirs so yeah, they do require the same of citizens of other countries.