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Friday, December 02, 2005

Kingston Sunset

Who says Kingston can't have a beautiful sunset? I took this picture a few evenings ago. Was really frassed and needed a break, went on my balcony and caught site of this beautiful sunset. So being an aspiring photographer, I just had to take a snap! More photos like this will be displayed on my site that I want to launch by January. I will finish it up after my exams, so you can look out for that.

Just wanted you all to know mi still deh bout. Under the exam stress. All my coursework are in, so now I need to focus on my finals. As a result I may not post anything more until next weekend.

Anyway my fellow Bloggers and Bloggets, enjoy the picture and the weekend.

12 commented:

That is beautiful! I'm long overdue for a vacation anyway.

Good luck with the exams

Great picture. The sunset in kingston can definitely be pretty at times. Good luck with the exams.

The pic is beautiful....

It makes me miss home so bad.

Again good luck on ya finals star!


Nice pic Stunner. Good luck on the finals, don't mek us waste your time with this foolishness!
Each sunset is a day lost, don't waste them!

Hi Stunner-Beautiful sunset. Looking forward to January to see your talents.

Nice shot Stunner. Kingston has nice sunsets plenty evenings. You just have to be in the right place at the right time with camera to capture them. Jack's Hill is a good spot.

Mash down the exams so you have youself one rass of a Christmas rude yute.

Very nice pic. I absolutely love Sunsets. Fully understand Exam pressure. All the best.

Hey Stunner. Good luck on Exams! We all need a little something to get us through this semester. Hope u have a great holiday season. ;)

That's beautiful!! I needed to see that right about now:)

Thanks for sharing the photo and best of luck on exams.

My more post.....look like de exam dem still a squeeze a man where it hurt! Hush, you soon done.