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Monday, December 19, 2005

Party Weekend

What a weekend! I actually went out and partied this weekend. It had been such a long time since I got the chance to go out and enjoyed myself. Friday night I went to Yesterday, an I did have fun. It wasn't as good as the one that I went to some time ago [refresh your memory]. But nevertheless, I had myself some fun. Liquor flowed as this was included in the ticket price, and the music selection wasn't too bad. It had a couple of people wining and bubbling to the hit songs of the early 90's as well as the intermittent vocal gun salutes to the favorites. I got there at about 1:15am and partied until about 4:00 am, by that time I had my fill, not used to the long partying anymore.

But it didn't end there. Saturday night was my company's end of year party. You know who had to be there! Free food, free liquor, gift for being early, a chance to win the gate prize in the thousands and the opportunity to mingle with the hotties is the company! I had to be there....even though I had work at 12:00 midnight. Anyway I arrived at about 7:15 and I got my early gift! Unfortuneately, I didn't win any of the gate prizes, 3 other people got my money...damn it! I Sampled some whole heap a food. I ate for 3! But I had to, because any good drinker knows you can't drink liquor on an empty stomach. And drink I did! Well not too much, just about 4 heavily laced mixed drinks. But just when the dancing began, you know who had to leave for work. Next year I'll ensure I won't have work! But overall, I enjoyed myself, got to hangout with coworkers outside of the work environment, got to meet coworkers that I only talk to on the phone but never knew how they looked and of course I got to meet some hotties!

I hope you all got a chance to enjoy your weekend. Now I feel like I'm in the mood for an adventure trip. I am thinking about going to Chukka Cove adventures. I'll let you know how that goes.

So It's Monday morning and the beginning of the most hectic week of the year. Yes the week of mad shopping and intolerable congestion on the roads of Kingston...well not for me, I'll be staying clear of the hustle and bustle as much as possible. With this time of year in mind: I received some comics from one of my coworkers, being the kind person I am (wink), I have decided to share them with you. So over the course of the week I will post a comic. They are entitled Seasonal Comics. I will be posting one every day for this week with my posts or by themselves. So to start off your week on a funny note here is the first of the series.

Seasonal Comics No. 1

10 commented:

I went to Half Way Tree Saturday evening and it was chaos! I'm glad I'm close to "grinch" when it comes to Christmas. I won't be caught up in the excitement.

BTW, A wheh yu get dat picture from? It looks old man ... no pics from Friday night??

I plan to avoid Half Way Tree and constant spring all together.
Yeah the pic is a re-use. Carried my camera but decided to leave it in the car.

Bwoy nuh inna dem place wid nuh 'gun salute' sah....not fe me.

I do try to avoid the crowds miself. Unfortunately, I must pass Manor Park to get to mi yard, so the gridlock is going to be inevitable in the evenings to come.

So, you drink four juice and did go work? I wonder what kinda madness did gwaan while you were at work unda juice? ;-)

Party? What means this word "party"?

Your party sounds nice,less said about mine the better.Poor Santa:)

Hi Stunner-sounds like a nice party there. I'm still recovering from my Ja trip. Keep on partying!

good to see you enjoyed yourself. I've not been to a club in ages!!! Diggin' the picture lol.

my company are cheapskates and having their christmas do in March?? whatever.

merry xmas #1 stunna. party on

Nuh wory Dr.D it was only the vocal "brap-brap" with fingers up in the air, not actual gunfire. LOL

No Abeni, that;s not me in the picture, although I wouldn't mind being in his position at the time of that pic.;)

Dorna, I hope you get to party soon, it seems that it has been a long time. :)

Yes Sunshine and Obi I will continue to party on!...well until school pressure starts again. But until then it's Party Time!