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Friday, December 16, 2005


At last the pressure is off for a couple of weeks! No school after work, no studying, no projects, no assignments...NO SCHOOL! I felt so free after Wednesday, I can just imagine how I will feel after the whole course is finished.

The exam on Wednesday wasn't too bad...much better than the math exam. I didn't get to finish all the questions. However, I did 3 complete questions and started the 4th, so it wasn't too bad. I also have a good course-work for this subject. I definitely felt much better after doing this exam than how I felt after the math. Hopefully, I pass the math though...(sigh).

So I was thinking, "What am I going to do with the time I have?" Well I have a few things in mind:

  1. PARTY!!!
  2. Finish the new website.
  3. Head to Portland and soak up some sun and salt water on the beach and nyam (eat) some Boston Jerk Pork.
  4. Sleep.
  5. Work out at the gym more often.
  6. Blog more.
  7. PARTY!!!!...oh I said that before, didn't I?

Yep that's basically the plan for the next 2 weeks or so. I will be on a one week vacation from work just after boxing day, so I will use that time to enjoy myself and relax a bit. I can just see myself sippin' on a glass of ice cold lemonade (well limeade actually).

The beach has been on my mind of late and hence the picture on the post. I took this picture in Ocho Rios earlier this year. I can almost smell the sea and hear the gentle waves caressing the white sand beaches as the bright sunlight reflects of the crystalline blue waters of the Caribbean sea. So I'm leaving this picture with you all for the weekend. Enjoy your weekend everyone.

14 commented:

Enjoy your time off, you've earned it and thanks for the Firestream link.

Enjoy the free period, Stunner... oh, and may I suggest that you and the Doc plan a linkup for the Jamaican Bloggers? I mean, even though I can't make it, Christmas is a time for sharing and sharing the spirit of Blogging should be good fun at this time too...


Hi Stunner-enjoy your week off. Man, Ineed onemyself. Some wellneeded r and r.

Take it easy, and party hearty!

Best of luck on those exams! Your description of that exam really brings back some serious UWI memories!
Wish I was on that Ochie beach, right now ATL cold nuh backside!!

That beach looks inviting. I think I'll get me some of that on my vacation!

Stunner...yes, chill out.

IMHO, I would recommend Blueberry Hill's Jerk Pork any day over Boston...which sucks as far as I concerned. Blueberry is perched on a cliff overlooking the sea, just after leaving Buff Bay. On the left hand side of the road when you going in the direction ot Pt. Antonio. Try it, it naw let you down. Pork usually ready in the afternoon hrs, chicken all de time. Have that with some hardo bread or a slice or two of yellow heart breadfruit, and a cold Red Stripe....bloodcleaaat! :-) (One reason why me still live yahso.)

Oh the sweet torture of seeing that beautiful beach and knowing it's so close yet so far!

Justacoolcat, Abeni, Sunshine, Br. Buck, the fun has already started.

That sounds like a good idea, Mad Bull.

Cooldestiny, Deimmigrant and Shell P, I know the feeling. I can't wait to hit the beach, I look at the beach picture and daydream about being at the beach.

Dr.D I know the place you're talking about, right on the cliff as you leave Buff Bay heading to Port Antonio. I've never tried it, I think I need to stop there one of these days on my way to Port Antonio. The quality of Jerk at boston is not what it used to be, but there are some days that the jerk taste really good.

Try it are likely not to remember that Boston exists after.

Do you know 'School's out for summer.' Its words and music describe how you must be feeling. By Alice Cooper. I love it.

You earned it for for real. I'll also be partying like crazy and hitting up the beach.

Ay yai yai, you went to Portland.


Port Antonio.

Is that crazy, artsy building still there? Love it.