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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Mi Still Deh Bout!...The After-Math

Mi still deh bout!
I know I have been away from the posting (thanks for the reminder Dr.D) or even reading my daily digest of blogs. But yes as you guessed it I have been under a lot of pressure. Well, I know I haven't been studying as hard or as much as I used to...or should. But I think I lack interest in what I am doing at school, but I just need that piece of paper so I can get a better job and improve my life somewhat.

Well, one exam is down. The after-Math soaks in. Engineering Mathematics! Damn it, that was a fast ball, lick mi clear. Stumps flying all over the place! The exam wasn't hard, but I just had to find some way to frigg it up. I went blank for the first hour and was in total disarray. Then by the time I got back on track time was on my heels. So I am praying for at least a pass...Please dear Lord, give me a pass, just a pass....please! So I'm just taking a break from the studying tonight after my traumatic ordeal this afternoon. Now I have one more exam, was scheduled for this Friday, but my fellow classmates were fortunate enough to get the date changed to next week Wednesday. Thank God! Hopefully I will do better on this one.

So this evening after cussing out myself I decided to do some more work on my website. Yep I am still in the process of finishing the site. This site will display my photographic side...or lack thereof. The pictures are all taken in Jamaica and hence the name of the site, "Scenes of Jamaica". I have finished setting up the URL and the website hosting. The URL is At the moment there is just a coming soon page with a link to the old site. I hope you all will support my site just as how you have supported Stunner's Affliction. Thanks for all the support, fo real.

Over the next few days I will spend some time trying to catch up with all of your blogs. And of course I will still be studying. Any stay cool until I post again...which might just be soon.

13 commented:

Hope you get through the Maths.

We will wait on more posting.

Welcome back and once you showed the working you should make it.

Hi Stunner-I didn't realize your website "Scenes of Jamaica" is on The Top 5 Jamaican list. Congratulations. I briefly visited the site and those familiar images is mekking me homesick. Looking forward to your new site. Good luck on exams.

Take it easy man, I'm sure you'll make it.

I hear ya bro...take your time and do your thing.

I will definitely be dropping by and checking out your pics!

Take it easy.


Jamaica is so beautiful. Can't wait to see the new pictures. You know we'll keep showing you love!

Good luck on your exams too!

I haven't been here in awhile, well, since the sunset. Keep holding it down.

Bwoy my yute mi know wha yu a go tru with the exams.

I hope I get through the math too. I'm gald you all are looking forward to my new website, even more motivation for me to complete it.

Know you will mash up di Maths ... you guys are always good at that! Will check out the new site too.

Hope everyting turns out fine wid that exam. Exams can be stress for real. I'm glad I only have one left, but at the same time I can't motivate myself to prepare for the final one.

I hate engineering maths can't believe the same subject mashing you up too wish i could get this degree without having to do this subject i did my exam last week and know that i failed already don't have to wait for results so i guess i'll be doing that subject over.

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