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Monday, December 26, 2005

Seasonal Comics No. 6

Now that some of you have had your fill of egg nog. I think I should share this with you.

Hope you're all enjoying yourselves.

11 commented:

Oh my gosh, so glad I didn't have any!

Stunner!!!! Glad I don't drink that stuff :)

Hi Stunner-I just got this one this morning. Hope your Christmas was a good one.

Thanks. Thanks a lot! Good thing I stopped drinking egg nog years ago.

Stunner, me haffi say this...

If you post dis cause you working and not having fun... is a grudgeful, bad mind thing...and you make me LAUGH out loud and vulgar like a market vendor!!

hahahaha....I love it!

I will not be able to drink egg nog again without seeing this picture in my head!



LOL! Glad you all enjoying the comics.

Good seh me nuh drink dat shyte my yute!

hehehehe oh gosh hehehehe ah hav no words hehehe.....

hahaha... the 1st thing comes into my head... THANK GOD I'VE NEVER DRUNK ANY OF IT :D