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Thursday, December 22, 2005

News Flash! - Bite of the Year.

Vybz Gets Married!

Yes, I could not believe it myself! But it's I'm not lying this it true! Mr. "Timeless" Vybz Kartel has tied the knot. Vybz Kartel a.k.a. Adidjah Plamer tied the knot today in a private ceremony with his lover of four years Stacey Elliot. In an exclusive interview with he explained that he met her at a stage show in Brooklyn New York back in 2001 and that he knew she was special from the moment they met. He confessed that he popped the question just a week ago. The hardcore Jamaican dancehall DJ said, " I never got cold feet, I woke up this morning looking forward to getting married, I am getting older, I am changing my image. The girls might say that I am already taken, but I guess they just have to work with it..." You can read the article at by clicking here. Unbelievable isn't it? But while Vybz seem to be settling down another unlikely star is rising...

DJ Reneto?
That is the question, Senior Superintendent Reneto Adams seems to be trying out for a new career. It seems that Mr. Adams has been considering this career move ever since his controversial debut performance at Sting 2004, where he sampled a couple of lines after accepting a gun from controversial DJ, Ninja Man. Adams now cleared of all charges related to the much locally publicized Krawl Trial must have been in a jubilant mood when he decided to cut a single. He has recorded a single on the Carbine rhythm which has been creating quite a stir in Jamaica. The single is titled "To Protect and Serve". DJ Adams' song was recorded about five days before his first court appearance [read the article here]. Seems as if he was not confident he would win the case, so him decide fi do a Jah Cure thing...becoume a big artise in prison. I heard the song earlier today thought it was just some new artiste trying a thing. A couple of my coworkers were saying that it was Adams, so this article confirms it...Senior Superintendent Reneto Adams is now a DJ. Go deh DJ Rene...the DJ to protect and serve.

Seasonal Comics No. 3

12 commented:

Yow, the Adams tune buss on Fame yesterday. It is tuff! I didn't know Vybes got married! I'm checking out the article now. That's good still, if it actually means anything.

Love dah cartoon yah Stunner.....mek baby yes...anyweh the urge hol you. ;-)

Adams a DJ...bloodcleat!? What next?

LOL! Funny.... big up season greeting to ya Stunner!

Great update. They look cute, the married couple. I'd kill to be on an island for Christmas though.

Well, re Renato... whatever.
Congrats to Vybes Kartel still!

Ooh, I like their style. All public with it.

I saw a pic. in our papers with Supt. Adams, now free. He did look like he was posing like a DJ, for true.

Hope I get to hear his song on our radio here.

Oh the cartoon is TOO cute!

The cartoon is sooo funny.So the Supt sound good?

Happy Christmas Stunner! loving the cartoons :o)

Merry Christmas Stunner...hope we will link at the blogger meet.

Glad you all like the comics.
Abeni and Guyana-gyal, I'll try to find a clip somewhere.