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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Nuttin Much

I don't have much to post today. As usual I'm at work and will be working over the long weekend. So not much parting for me...but I know you will be parting your clothes off. So I will not be writing anything on my blog until after the long weekend, that is, until Tuesday. But for those of you who can't help yourself and have visit your daily doses of blogs, I will continue to post the Seasonal Comics. ADDICTS!!! Just kidding, I appreciate you all taking time from your hectic holiday schedule to visit my blog. Thank you all for the support since the conception of Stunner's Afflictions and I hope I will continue to have your valued support throughout the new year. Anyway, enjoy the holidays and all the best for 2006!

Seasonal Comics No. 4
Who said Santa's job wasn't hazardous?

7 commented:

Like the Santa comic. Seasons Greetings.

hehe, me addict :-D

Serve Santa right, him too greedy, his mother never tell 'im not to eat from any and everybody??

You working? Oh, po' you. Sounds like hospital work...or police...telephone co...dem don't stop.

Too bad about the working...should be slow season though......Have a great holiday

Me deh pon call Monday and Tuesday, but, dat naw cramp man holiday spirit.

Timmy naw loaf my yute..... :-)

heh good stuff.

Merry Xmas and more grease to the elbow of "Stunner's Affliction" blog. amen

Hey stunner hope you get to go to the meet up and tell us about it.

Hope you have a great Xmas Stunna!
Don't work too hard!!