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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Another Random Blogging

Miss Jamaica World 2005

Congratulations Karelle Griffith, Miss Jamaica World 2005 on your accomplishment! Karelle was placed among the top 15 selected from the selected 101 beautiful women in the 2005 Miss World competition.

This is also a major accomplishment for black women who choose to wear their hair natural. It is the first I'm seeing a dark skinned, (kinky) natural hair girl win the Miss Jamaica World Competition. It has been, mostly, the slim, brown skinned, long hair, small ass women that get the crown. I guess the judges and my fellow Jamaicans are finally getting the picture that black is beautiful. Yes it seems we are finally seeing that a woman with curves, round ass, dark skin and natural afro hair is beautiful. Now it's up the the rest of the world, who worship the white, skinny, no ass, European figure to see the light.Well she did not get any of the major prizes, but being placed in the top 15 is a good thing. And Jamaica can be proud of that


I received a link to a website, Firestream. This site streams live feed from several stations including TVJ, CVM and Hype TV. So if you want to keep in touch with Jamaican news, programmes and entertainment this website is for you. The streams seem to work only for Internet explorer though. I think this is a good idea, now I can watch the news at work or watch some music videos on Hype TV in the nights when I'm on the night-shift.

Here is the link

Exam Still On My Mind

I am still under the stress of exams. I have one more exam to do on Wednesday. And as usual I can't get myself to study, what the hell is wrong with me? Is it just me alone who can't buckle down and do some serious studying for the impending exams? I will be on a two day vacation as of tomorrow, I will use them to study for my exam. Hopefully I will do better on this one. My soul won't be at peace until I find out the results of the math course...well, until I find out if I passed. It's the first since 2n'd form and 6th form of high school that I am actually having such a problem with math. I was really weak in math until 3rd form, then I saw the light and I started to understand certain things, suffered a setback in sixth form and then recovered. It might just be a phenomenon that occurs every number of years. Hmmm...

Well people, won't be back until Wednesday after my exam or Thursday after the hangover. Likkle more.

15 commented:

You are right that dark skinned women are beautiful also. Natural hair, big bottoms, thick legs, thighs, thick body shaped! Society needs to recognize!

You are thinking too hard, that's why you can't seem to study. You will do fine, just try and relax and take it easy....I know this is easier said than done, but try it anyway.

You got through the majority, only one more left you will do fine! Trust me! *smile*


OMG stunner I have been having the same problem too not in the mood to study no matter what i do I am trying to fight it but I can't figure out what is going on anyway what can you do if i keep this up i might have to so some summer school to make up.
oh and I love your Miss Jamaica rep she has hair just like mine dark skin just like mine and its great that she did so well its about time.

I was even more pleased to see Tanzania making it. That black girl was beautiful as well.

Never saw de contest...but respec to our girl. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...everybody have dem preference my yute.

Hope you will be able to smile and drink a lika after Wednesday. As fe Maths....was never my cuppa tea sah. Eff me up big time! :-(

It's good to see that mainstream has began to accept that beautiful women also comes in shapes, sizes and color and also to see the black women proudly showing their ethnic roots.

Good luck on the exams.

Wikid rude bwoy! I was much upset about our girl making the top 15, but then getting cut out of the top 5 by Ms. Puerto Rico! I don't know how the hell Ms. Korea even mek it so far, wid she whole heap of teeth! I honestly don't like the regional thing at all.

Respec' fi the Firestream link (God knows how long it going stay up until the media powers that be decide to lock it down!)

Yes star! From day one I man did check for that Queen still!
A friend of mine turned me on to the firestream link a few weeks ago. It is pretty good, no interuptions, looks like they want to do Sting 2005 live there too as a Pay per View.

I had nuff trouble getting myself disciplined enuff to study.I respect all those who can follow their plan.Maybe you need a study group to help with the motivation.Good on Miss JA,natural hair and all.

good luck with the studying

Natural beauty is where it's at!

Check out my 1979 'fro on this post on my blog!

Thanks for the Firestorm link, thogh as of right now, Only TVJ is coming through, picture, voice and all... Looky, looky, Dahlia Harris and Taniesha McGee from Morningtime on TVJ! Hello, Dahlia Harris, doh worry you hear, I gwine to send you something for Christmas... It going to be Caymanian... You eat Stewed Turtle?

I wrote a post once, about our concept of beauty, it's call Morning Dancer.

Interesting how people don't have a problem with men. A man can be wrinkled and grey and he's not put out to pasture.

I'm glad to see her with her hair all natural!

Man, I don't know what to tell you 'bout the studying. I had the same problems, I used to wait 'til the night before. Terrible.

Thanks for the FireStream link!
Jamaican TV in Germany.