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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

What Does Being successful Mean To You?

Here I am on the night shift struggling to keep awake and slaving away for a grossly menial salary. It's the middle of the month and I have been broke for over 2 weeks now, in fact just after I got paid. So I began to wonder, what does it mean to be successful?

What does it relay mean to be successful? Is is owning the latest luxury car? Being able to buy the latest fashion? Owning a mansion on the hills? Being famous? Having a well paying job? Being rich?

I looked up the meaning of the word successful on the internet. I found three definitions at According to the site successful is defined as:Having a favorable outcome, Having obtained something desired or intended, Having achieved wealth or eminence.

So it seems to be successful is a combination of achieving your set goals, getting the things you want and also being wealthy and being a prominent person. My view of being successful is somewhat similar to this. To me being successful is achieving your personal goals despite various obstacles, attaining the outcome you wanted for your life or for certain aspects of your life, being able to live comfortably...Not necessarily rotten rich. But most of all, being truly happy with your life and the accomplishments you have made thus far. Having a positive outlook on the future and being confident that whatever you do will also be a success. Also, I think you are truly successful if you can share your success with others and help them to be successful.

But, that's just merely the random thoughts of a tired, half-asleep young man. What does being successful mean to you?

16 commented:

Living my life the way I want to.That would mean achieving the important personal goals,an ability to pay my bills,be on good terms with people etc

Stunner, it means all mentioned above to me...but as one who has never wanted to have a shyteload a money, I will be happy with comfortable financially...can pay bills and have a likkle suppem puddung fe a rainy day.

Sorry fe hear seh de man bruck...all a we go chru dat ra$$ rude bwoy. Sending you a virtual nanny...if dat can help at all. :-)

Hi Stunner-There is a saying-"if you wnat to know the life you lead, look around and see who your friends are". It is a true statement when they say "you judge a man by friends". I believe that being successful is never compromising your integrity while living the life you want.

you are only successful when you cd sells multi-platinum and you make a semi-auto biographical movie about your life. nothing less.

Being successful means being content with your life. The ability to live comfortably also adds to that contentment, but we have so much proof in the world that money does not equate to success and happiness.

For me, just being happy, content, satisfied with my life. A little money to boot is good too.

I think true success has nothing to do with money.

I've recently learned in life that success is all relative. Some people have the mansion on the Hill and the merceedes and are not successful and some people have the hut in the village and are the most successful.

Success for me is achieving your goals through adversity and being comfortable with yourself.

thats a nice pic... look so relaxing and in luv. WHOA!

True success is being happy with who you are and where you are and still U can dream beyond reality. Never compromise who you are for anyone.

Success for me, is planning.
People plan to be successful, the rest, pray for lotto to hit.

Success to me means happiness and peace of mind. Hey, some of the poorest people in the world have that!

I think being successful means being happy on your job or in your career...Success is not measured by how much money you's about how happy you are with your life and the choices you made. Being debt free ya know?

To me, success is being happy. The world is filled with conflicting opions, goals and idolism and so there is clearly no standardized definition of success. Then there is also the whole issue of do we view success in terms of our personal lives or based on things we have produced for others.

Stunner I am like you I can't understand why I have been so broke these days counting the days till payday.
My idea of success is living the life you want if having a lot of money is your ideal then when you get there that is your version of success for me I consider myself a success so far I kinda grew up in poverty things were really tough and now I have my own home and family but of course I want to take it to the next level and have some money in the bank and travel.
sorry for the long comment.

i'm in the broke boat too, i have things that i am happy with (just got a house) but money tight, and the holidays only make it worse.

jess give me enuf to pay my bills and do the little things in life, fix up my house, keep my car runnin...i dont ask for much.

the dumb f*ckin bruce willis just throwin money away. :::sucks teeth:::

Live the best possible life and be happy with it!