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Sunday, January 28, 2007

So Much To Do, So Little Time!

Busy, busy, I'm so busy! Yes mi bloggonians, I have been so busy for the past couple of days with school, work, business, personal life! Whoii too much to handle!

So school is on in full force, I have assignments to to hand in and labs to do and all are due on Thursday. Then there is the major project that I haven't started yet, and there is an initial presentation on the project in about two weeks time. This is also compounded by the fact that I honestly am not in the school mood as yet. I feel like I'm forcing myself up a steep hill. I feel so stressed! But I have reached too far to give up now, with the help of God I will make it through.

Anyway, mi nah tarry too long (I am not staying too long), as I am pretty tired right about now. I'll try to read your blogs throughout the course of the week and make a decent post as soon as I can. Until then enjoy this little clip called, "Dutty Wine Gone Wrong". Likkle more mi peeps and have a good week.

15 commented:

what kind of degree are you doing? obviously one in some science or the other, but what specifically?

Thanks for the laugh bro! Pay attention to you books. Blogging can wait.

Good to see you every once in a will be over soon and you'll se the positive results.

Lordee ah wha wrong wid de yute nowadays..good laff

Good luck with the books, Stunner, and THANKS o much for the laff. Lawd, mi gut. I like she resilience. tee hee...

Hang in stunner..soon done. I didnt bother open the video.. normally way too much buffering issues

Yamfoot, I'm doing an degree in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Telecommunications and Electronics.

Glad you loved the vid, Leon. I'm trying to beat the books.

Campfyah, I can't wait to finish school, and see those positive results! lol

Thanks Afroditee and I'm glan you enjoyed the video.

Thanks, Kami, I'm haning in there, or at least trying to. You should try to watch the video though when you can.

LOL! She was still getting it. I didnt expect her to fall like that. Concerning your blog, You do not have to apologize for if there is more important things to tackle by all means get it done. I juggle my son, school, work, ministry, and personal and let me tell you I do not feel guilty when I put on the back burner.

School is gonna have you busy for a minute. It's worth it though.

dwl... I was watching the vid and thinking this is just a normal now boring dutty wine vid until the twist at the end!

that drop look painful still, but it did brighten up this horrid day for me.

I like how she gets up dancing. Hardcore.

Supa Stunna! Whattup man? Do that doggone thing for school. The blogosphere will try to fill in the void by your absence and intervals in between visits. Be good my man!

I know the feeling: first day of class was yesterday. Holy Jesus. Well, I don't need sleep anyway.

That was hilarious. People need to stop doing that dance. For is dangerous. Lol.

I am not watching any more of those dutty clips.

re school mood--is there such a thing?

Work hard and work smart!

Wassup Stunner?! How u doing?