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Sunday, January 07, 2007

To PA and Back

Last week I went to Portland for a few days, not as long as I had wanted to, but I guess it will have to suffice. It was good going back to the hometown after some seven months, wow that's a long time! You see, I don't go to Port Antonio anymore, as my parents have migrated. So I pretty much don't have that compelling reason to go anymore. I do miss the lush green of Portland, the sudden bursts of torrential rain, the beautiful white sand beaches, and the clean country air. But I guess not enjoying it as frequently as I used to makes it so much more special.

One thing I must admit though, the road to Port Antonio nuh pretty at all, arguably it's the wost road in Jamaica! It is even worse than before now that they are building a highway from Ocho Rios in St. Ann to Port Antonio. I guess I can't complain, at least it will be good one day. The construction is slated to be completed in a 2008, but yuh know how it go inna Jamaica, add four more years to that! But the treacherous journey was well worth taking, as I had a wonderful time in Portland. I went to Bonnie View hotel, not a hotel anymore, and enjoyed the breathtaking view of Port Antonio (captured above by my Kodak Z650). then it was off to Frenchman's Cove and had a whale of a time on the beach and also in the freezing water of the river that flows into the sea at one end of the beach. I have posted a few of the many photos I took while I was there on Exotic Island Photos. My trip to PA was great, like an escape to paradise.

Now I'm back in Kingston and back at work, and soon I'll be back in school. Damn it, reality just have a sudden way of ra.. kicking you in the ass! But such is life, the most we can do is cherish these short moments of pleasure until the next break from the harsh realities of life comes around again. No resolutions for the New Year, just goals I hope to accomplish, and dreams that I want to come true, so I'll be praying for the health and strength from God to carry me through another eleven plus months.

21 commented:

Sounds beautiful the way you described it. Hoping the New Year is treating you right!

I haven't visited Port Antonio, but it sounds like a great place. Never knew you were a country boy.

Sounds like a great trip. It's nice to escape the city for the country and have a few days to unwind.

It is beautiful Princess, as shoen in the pictures on my photoblog. They new year has been filled with up and downs thus far.

Yep, born and raised in the country. You should take a visit to PA one of these days Leon.

Justacoolcat it is nice and refreshing to escape to the country.

I haven't been to PA in a long long time. There was an article on the news Saturday I think where they were talking about the deplorable condition of the roads. They really need to invest in the infrastructure there. It is one of the most beautiful places in Jamaica and while I'm all for development, I don't want to see the natural beauty of port antonio spoilt by modernization.

CD, the rouads are terrible, but they are finally building a decent highway to Port Antonio, now they need to fix the roads in the town itself too.

Yeah I want the natural beauty to be preserved too, as Portland is the most beautiful parish in ja.

Stunner....I am a Portie fan myself. Love Frenchman's Cove. Irie place to disappear for a few days with a sistren.....ra$$, the thought now mek me feel like nuh go work.

Once I have the new wheels a trip is due...but then again, I nuh need to bad road fe go bruck up de front end! :-( Guess I will haffi tek it easy on de press...

I have never been to portland before but every body that i know thats into photography tells me its the one place i must go. maybe when i buy my fuji finepix 6500fd

You guys make me so much awnt to visit Jamaica soon

oh my gosh, that island looks so beautiful. I would freak out (literally) if I got to go there. Wow!

Yes Dr.D, you would have to seriously tek it easy when driving the new ride to Port Antonio!

It's a photographer's paradise Taylor!

You should take a visit Campfyah, you would enjoy it!

When you come to Jamaica Teenage Perfectionist, you should take a trip.

Wow! Awesome photos. No, Portland can't compete with those.

Hey I nominated your photo site for bloggie awards. The pics are beautiful.

You really give a nice nostalgic view of luvly Portland (both post & pic). (Oh, finally heard de "Driver" song -- it's on de Taxi, which is noice.)

Thanks Bro. Buck! Those photos were taken in Portland. Portland is very scenic. You should visit Portland if you gome to Jamaica.

Thanks for the nomination Gela!!! (Mi get nominated! Mi get nominated!)And I'm glad you like the pics.

Thanks, Melody, I'm happy you enjoyed the post and the pics. So finally you get fi hear 'Driver', I bet you still singing it! lol.

Next trip I got to make it there if motion sickness doh kill me.

Last time I went down to Frenchman's Cove I used the souh coast because I was warned about the Port Antonio bad roads. Either way it taking you 2 1/2 hours to do a 1 1/2 hour trip. The photos are nice Stunner. Kinda gives me some inspiration to take up back the hobby.

I'm a great fan of Portland - Frenchmens is my favourite beach in the whole island. However, the only problem is that I love the sun. And while I realise that all the rain is necessary to keep the place lovely and green, I don't like it when it rains me for the whole weekend when I go down!

You should Kami, and if you need a tour guide just let me know :) Nuh worry anout the motion sickness, we can get tablets for that.

Yes Scratchie, the roads are just awful, and it does make the journey take a ridiculously long time. I don't drive the St. Thomas route due to the distance

Kingston Girl, Frenchman's is a nice beach, but my favorite is Whinifred's beach, not as accessable due to bad rouads, but its longer and really nice. I know what you mean when you talk about the rain. Earlier that same day I took the pics the rain fell like a freak storm, but just stopped as sudden as it began and it was all sunshine after.

My favourite beach is Doctor's Cave! Frenchman's nice too.

Portland is the most beautiful place on earth. I hope 'development' and high rise buildings never corrupt it.

I once drove with a friend to there via St. Thomas. Long way, but worth it.

I used to frequent Portland more than any other parish.