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Friday, January 12, 2007

Sweetness For The Eyes

Another week draws to a close, and the month drags on. The end of the month seems so far off, the price one has to pay for getting pay early in December. Now it's days of starvation and the unslaught of the effects of paying the bills, This is one month I can't wait to see come to an end. No plans for the wekend, I have been held captive by work, or should I say infected by WORK, for the entire weekend. I can't wait to get an entire weekend off, hopefully that will be before retirement!

Until then I have to keep focused, keep my mind keep my eyes fixed and keep dreaming about... no not payday or a weekend off...the eyecandy! That's what this post is about, my first eyecandy for 2007. My, my, my... (Drooling). Another hot shot of Khrysti Hill, dah girl yah have it! Sorry ladies the new year will not be bringing any post of half naked men! Unless it's me!

Enjoy your weekend!

PS. There is a new post on Exotic Island Photos!

20 commented:

she looks so fake. the month just start man!

lol hang in there, next year plan for the extended days between december and january pay days.

Khrysti can work with but thats all. I like mine slim and trim an nah fi go a gym.. perky and supple

Oh Lord, the 'eye-candies' are back with a vengeance! :)

Bwoy, she not looking too bad, but at the same time, she sorta oversized in a couple of places. I like big breasts, yes, but she looks more like two breasts which happen to have a girl attached rather than a girl with some nice breasts, if you know what I mean. Mount Everbreast is what I'd have called her back when I was in high school.

Wow!!! Those boobies of hers slapped me in the Hey my love, finally chking in and reading up on ya.

the question remains! real or fake?? she nice still

She look like she ready fe buss unda de pressha...then again, some rude dudes may be able to say the same when dem see de picha! ;-)

She kinda too gifted up top for my liking.....

Lawd'amercy, she must have back problems!!! The gazoongas touchin' she belly button.

Yeah, I must agree with you all, she definately has some seriously huge breasts!

Damn! That girl's got it! And what are these people talking about too much breasts? That's like saying you have too much money.

Nice ho, still. Her site is even better. or something.

thickness kidd.. she doesn't have much of it.. but there is sign.. if she was like bria myles or neshelle then i'ld be making up noise.


Yeah Leon, they are really big, but I'm not complaining!

Yes Ri, that's where I got the pic.

Taylor, Bia has a serious booty and Neshelle, oh my, damn!!!

OK, Stunner, so since de only male pic you'd ever post is yourself, then de next pic would be of YOU, right:)

She looks kinda false especially breast wise. Too much girl for me.

Hey Stunner, I hope the new year will bring you good things. That's a whole lot of girl - I wouldn't complain with a honey like that.

Yeah am waiting for the shirtless Stunner

No eyecandy for the women now huh?

Don't worry ladies one of these days I'll post a pic.

Thanks Marc, hope the year will be great for you too.

must have been retouched. how does she stand up straight?