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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Windscreen Cleaner or Filthy Rich?

I know almost everyone of us who drives have come across a windscreen cleaner (window washer) trying to clean our windscreens for a small fee. I do allow some to clean mi windscreens when I need it and give them a change but there are some here in Jamaica that tend to just attack your windscreen whether you want it cleaned or not. Usually when they do that I just feel obligated to donate a few &@#^!*#&!

I have heard on a popular Monday night radio programme that these windscreen cleaners do make a decent change at times, even more money that a person in a so-called good job makes, on a good day. That leave you to wonder, could this video be a true story? (You may need broadband for this)

Disclaimer: It is not the intension of the Author of Stunner's Afflictions to discourage drivers from giving a contribution to the Windscreen Cleaners (Window Cleaners), or conveying this video as factual. This is purely for entertainment purposes only.

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I'm quitting my job(s) and not going back to school next semester ...

lol that is hilarious..

The sad part is that if you crunch the numbers they can make a decent money.

Holy shite! And these are the jobs Americans don't want to do?

is that true or is it a spoof?

I hate it when they clean without even asking.Recently I was at the gas station and the man cleaned the windscreen and then my friend said he didn't have any change. He was was nice about it though and said we can give him something next time we see him:)

That was tooo funny. Love his work ethics. Makes me wanna quit my job and take up the profession. Less stress.

Lol. They can have that money. It is not secure, they have to suck exhaust down all day and they have to deal with rude people yelling at them. No thanks. I do yell at them to get away from my car though. Usually their shit is dirty. No do not clean my car with your dirty squeegee.

If I have some I'll give up the loose Ja coin and no wash necessary. A little bit better than nothing and maybe it'll add up.

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Stunna, mi a go tek a one week vacation and try it out!!

I always tell them to go away because I sometimes find they want something else other than just your windshield. Plus, I can get out and wash my own windshield for free.