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Monday, January 22, 2007

Patties Anyone?

Patties have been a part of the Jamaican cuisine many years now, and countless persons can be seen chowing down on a patty or two, and sometimes with it's side kick the coco bread, at lunch time all over the island. This meal is preferred by many, not just because it is a balanced all-in-one meal, but because it's a bit more economical than buying a box food or a combo meal at a fast food store.

For those who don't know a patty is typically seasoned meat (normally ground beef) or vegetable (calaloo or cabbage) baked in a crust. For many years the patty was made from beef and for the non-meat eaters their was the veggie patty, made from calaloo or cabbage mixed with carrots. However, the patty evolved when the chicken patty entered the market, but that was just the beginning of the patty explosion here in Jamaica.

Today, the patty evolution has given the consumer more choices that he/she can handle! No more boring beef patty for you! These days you can treat your taste buds and long bellies with an arsenal of different types of patties, which include:

  • Beef Patty (stewed grounded beef filling)

  • Curried Chicken Patty (grouned curried chicken)

  • Stewed Chicken Patty (grounded stewed chicken)

  • Mixed Vegetable Patty (Steamed vegetables)

  • Lobster Patty (grounded lobster)

  • Shrimp Patty (grounded shrimp)

  • Power Patty (grounded , stewed soy veggie-meat)

  • Cheese Patty (stewed grounded beef with melted cheddar cheese)

  • Mega Patty or Full House Patty (stewed grounded beef with lettuce and tomato)

  • Mega Cheese Patty (stewed grounded beef, melted cheddar cheese with lettuce and tomato)

Yes the patty has certainly come a long way, and with it's evolution it is still one of Jamaica's favorite lunch time meals. Suh if yuh in Jamaica and your belly growls for a meal and the pocket is a bit low, you can take your pick of one of the three major patty restaurants on the island, Juici Patties, Tastee Patties and Mother's Patties or at a tuck shop on the corner and grab yourself a patty and a juice! The Patty one of Jamaica's favorite all-in-one meal. Hungry? Patties anyone?

P.S. New photo posted on Exotic Island Photos.

15 commented:

Stunner,you being extremely cruel. I was hoping my cousin would send me some last Dec.She didn't and now you here rubbing salt inthe wound!

I still rate Tastee (Sugar & Spice) patties as the best. I tried a Devon House lobster patty over the Xmas holidays at the Craft Show and it was more like lobster gravy...weh de meat deh!?

BTW, have you ever sen the 'ground beef' that is used to make patties? Is mostly fat inna it my yute, nuh look like mince much at all.

I must try Juici Beef one of these days, I hear lots of people singing their praises.

I've recently started eating patties again, they are so bad for you as the Dr says.

Maybe I should start eating the soy patties instead of the regular beef/cheese ones. The soy ones are actually very good too.

Mmm. Looks good and its making me hungry -- do you (or can you) ship this stuff?

I would nyam a lobster patty right now!

I love patties, but they're getting too overpriced for my taste nowadays.

Ohhhh...I love patties. Always had a patty and a Pepsi everyday for breakfast...hmmmm...

Hated when they desicrated the traditional beef patty with the veggie, callaloo etc. Cho. Leave a good thing alone. Of course, am now relegated to chicken...

BTW We import Tastee pattyies over here.

i looooove juici beef. before i stopped eating meat, that was my favourite snack.

i think they have a soy patty now, but everytime i go there, the line so blinking long!

Hush Kami, if I do get to visit St. Vincent I'll freeze a box and carry it for you.

Dr. D, you should try Juici patties, they do taste good, I prefer them to Tastee. As for the ground beef, I'm sure they would have chosen the cheepest and most unhealthy ground beef to use. Anything to cut cost! I heard the Devon House patties taste good, but remember it's more gourmet, so the scraps of meat can be expected. lol

Yes Adrian, I have tried the Mother's Power Patty and I'm hooked, it does taste good. I buy it every Sunday that I work.

Malnurtured Snay, my aunt bies a box or two of patties, freezes them and carry them to the US with her everytime she comes to Jamaica. And a Mighty Afroditee said in her comment, they import them in Cayman. So you should be able to ship it.

MB, I have never had a lobster patty, I imagine it must be good. But di I allergic to shellfood still!

So tue, Leon, so true. Patties are no longer poor man food at all!

Yes Mighty Afroditee, I have bounced two patties for brealfast a couple of times, but with a cup of coffee! Never knew you guys imported patties!

Yes Yamfoot, Juici patties are my favorite patties too. You should try the Soy patties. I never had Juici's soy patty but I have had the Mother's power patty and it is good! The lines are indeed long at lunch time.

For beef patties, juici wins for me too. But if i feeling rich, a devon house chicken patty is gooood

But how yuh gonna mek Camp mout water so fuh some ah dem patties. whalooss yuh not right atall.

The patties we like around here are from Golden Crust a franchise in bout sweet patties....huuummm

Hi, greetings from Sweden.'

Take care.


actually, I forgot that I bought some Soy ones at the airport and carried them back with me, andn I have two in the freezer! i think that will be lunch tomorrow.