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Saturday, March 04, 2006

All Kinda Chattings

It seems these past days I have been scarce in the blog world. I have been busy, not with school work, but with all kinda stuff. I have a test next week and I have my project to complete but for some reason I just can't find the motivation to put in some serious work. However, Mr. Stunner has found all kinda things to do, watching TV, going to the gym, lazing around...heck I just feel plain lazy. I have also been working almost non-stop, working some over time at to get some doe to survive! Maybe that's why I have been feeling so wutliss (worthless).


As promised I will tell you about Yesterday. Yesterday was pretty ok, not as nice as the last one I went to, but it was pretty ok. I did enjoy myself, bought some liquor...didn't have as much as usual, cause it neva did free! The selectors played a onslaught 90's music ranging from Hip Hop joints from Biggy, 2pac, Busta Rymes and House of Pain to Dancehall hits from Bounty Killer, Beenie Man and Sizzla much to the delight of the patrons. At first I was skeptical about the venue, Peppers, but it didn't turn out too bad. We went all the way down to the back to find a place to jam. Yuh done know seh yuh haffi find a one spot fi claim a dem place deh! But for some reason it seems that everyone took our little area for a major thoroughfare! Dem just wouldn't stop pass pass and bounce inna di I. I didn't stay long though, I was working a lot of over time the previous couple of days and I had work the following morning. But overall I enjoyed myself. A well deserved break to unwind.


Today I went to Maxie's Department Store to do some shopping. Maxie's was having a sale so I decided to go get a few items of clothes at bargain prices. Didn't leave with much though, just a pair of jeans. Seems that everyone decided to catch the sale early, so there were not much jeans my size with the design I want. I didn't buy any shirt because they didn't have any that I liked, so I guess I will have to do some online shopping. It seems that even with the shipping costs, I pay less than if I bought the items out here in a store. Nevertheless, I am satisfied with my one jeans.

A Mountain of Nastiness

The controversial movie Brokeback Mountain is on everyone's lips these days. Even here in Jamaican, where the Palace Amusement Company sell-out (has sold out) and is showing the movie in one of their cinemas. I can't believe the day would come when my fellow Jamaican's, being such a homophobic society, would allow this movie to open in our local cinema. Where is the broadcasting commission? I won't say much about it though. I wont say that this movie is just pure nastiness. I won't say that such a disgusting movie should not be shown in any cinema. Although that's how I feel. All I will say is that this is one movie I definitely will not be watching! And I will share this comic with you.

More Suffering

The Jamaican public will have more burdens added to there already broken back. The teifing government is now proposing an increase in the gas tax! What the hell! Isn't the gas price already at a record high? Doesn't the Jamaican people have enough financial woes to deal with? Jamaican's are already overtaxed! But noo, the government feels that they can still pull more money out of our meager empty pockets to fatten their swarthy fat asses! An increase in the gas tax will have serious implications as everything in the country would see a price hike. Yes the Bible is right "in the last days their will be critical times hard to deal with" and those hard times start here in Jamaica! Lawd more suffering!!!!

7 commented:

I hear you on the gas prices-like we have to start walking again

Stop complain! Of course oonoo have more money fi gi gov't! How else oonoo explain dem long lines at the supermarket dem. 'Bout oonoo haffi eat! Gi de gov't di money!

Stunner, Peppers irie fi session, I attend nuff there...

Stunner, I hear a talk seh a certain phone company which shall remain nameless is planning to chop staff in dem call centres and such delights, what you hear? How you stay?

LoL at the comic. The movie along with the Willie Nelson gay cowboy song has kinda messed up westerns for me.

I think walking could be the alternative, Abeni, people will be in better shape.

Mad Bull, I think I'm a government worker...cause all I do is work to pay government! Yeh Peppers di alright still. As for that unnamed company...yes the have begun to execute their plans, as well as executing some jobs. I don't know what my job position is, I haven't heard anything...but if it comes I wouldn't be surprised!

Bro. Buck, westerns will never be the same.

feel ya on the fuel. in nigeria, the great producer of oil, we queue for hours for overpriced petrol. The last days are here and the devil is driving a hummer.

broke back. mmm don't get me started

Working non-stop, at the j-o-b, will leave NOT working "non-stop" during the times you wanna work on you... cause ya too busy, catchin' a rest.

I feel you.... I'm learning to leave work "at work."

And you dont know nothing bout Gas prices, till you come to the states... or better yet. The UK got us BEAT!!

I doan need to watch news anymore. I can just read your blog Stunner. Very informative.