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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Jamaica's First Female Prime Minister

The polls are now in, and history has been created in Jamaica! Portia Simpson-Miller, Minister of Local Government has won the campaign for president on the now ruling Peoples National Party (PNP) and will now be the first female Prime Minister of Jamaica.

The race was a keenly contested one where she beat her major competitor for the post Peter Phillips, Minister of National Security, be some 200 votes. She received 1775 votes approximately 200 move votes that Peter Phillips 1538 votes. I guess it was not any surprise that Portia won, as she has been a favorite among the Jamaican people and most of all the voting PNP delegates.

In a few week the former PNP president and current Prime Minister PJ Paterson will hand over the baton to the new Prime Minister, Portia Simpson-Miller.

A new page has been written in the history of Jamaica, a new leader, a female at the steering wheel. Will this be a new day for Jamaica? Will she make a thing better for the country? Will the party now look out for the Jamaican people? Or will it be business as usual, oppression and robbery of the Jamaican people? Only time will tell.

12 commented:

Am wary of politicians but congrats Portia

I agree with abeni, let's hope this day is a great one.

Whatever....jus glad seh it least fah now!

It's sad how politics in the Caribbean is full of waste and corruption. Hopefully your new prime minister can make a difference, but don't hold your breath that she is any different because she's a woman. If she's made it this far in the game it's not for being soft.

hmm... more and more female prime minister/presidents now huh? :)

is she good?

Hopefully she will bring forth change. I'm sure the pressure must be even greater with her being the first woman.

Well, I do love Portia without a doubt. Let's see how she fares in the role of leader of the nation.

I'm anxious to see how things go also. Not only because she's a woman but because she is not P J Patterson.

Hi Stunner-We can only hope and pray that she will make a positive difference.

It is at least a refreshing change on the surface. She will have to call a snap election, get newly dedicated people behind her, heal the PNP wounds from the past few months, and get on with the tough job of fixing Jamaica.


Look closely at the actions of the administration between now and the general election and make a decision.. Join me at the hilton on Fri 3rd at about 8pm for a drink or six.