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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Can You See A Difference?

Yesterday was my day off, so I woke up late and decided, "what the hell, since mi wake up late...might as well mi kick-back fi di day!" So I decided to just chill and watch a little TV. While flipping through the channels I stopped on the Jerry Springer Show, and they had some people from the KKK, in there dumb-ass costumes, (It should be CCC- Corny-ass Country Clowns) chatting all kinda bullshit! This led me to wonder to myself....

Well can you?

12 commented:

did you hear about the postal worker that went postal?

Nah-they all a bunch of jokers:)

You're funny. Jerry's show is so distasteful to me now.....I just can't stop shaking my head and going 'tsk tsk' everytime I watch it. Did you see the long ago episode where HE had a fight with one of the KKK members and they broke his nose?? (He's Jewish and the KKK hate Jews as much as Blacks). Now THAT was good entertainment! LOL

Me nuh watch TV too tuff Stunner...but Jerry Springer's show is just a waste of time to me.

Fiyah bun fe de KKK!

Hahaha, I know thats right!

LOL-I can't see the difference whatsoever.

I saw the same show and was like they look like straight Asses!


Good one bro...they are all clowns is right!

Jerry Springer used to be fun to watch.

Have a great weekend.


I always thought Jerry Springer was fake.

I think Springer is fake too.
You could of put his picture next to the other two images, a clown trifecta.

The resemblance in the picture is uncanny. Jerry Springer is a joke, a waste of good air time.

yuh left out the biggest clown of them all...Jerry Jerry.....