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Friday, February 24, 2006

Stunner's Afflictions Gone Mobile!

Yes people, it's true, Stunner's Afflictions has gone mobile. Don't have the time to login to your PC? No PC available? If you have mobile web services (GPRS WAP for the tech savvy) on your mobile phone then you can check out the latest post on Stunner's Afflictions!

I have set up a WAP site for my blog. The Beta version of the WAP site has links to my blogger profile, information about the blog and most of all the latest post that is on my blog. Unfortunately you can't post to the WAP site. But if you just want a good read while on the road, or just to preview the latest post, the WAP site is just the thing. The site address is . Check it out!

6 commented:

Woohoo..way to go Stunner

Stunna, you are truly a techie. I must look into setting that up for mine. Good going my yute!

What a way you advanced, Stunner.

gwan wid ya techie self mr stunner. I once worked on a wap game (poker). never took off cos of the uptake in wap here in the uk.

i'll bookmark that one.

I doh even send text you done know! ;-)