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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Hey! Hey!

WEEEE! YEEAAHH!!! Pop the champagne, turn up the music, let's get the party started! Yes I am in a joyful, celebratory mood! I finally got my results for last semester's course. I passed both courses! Remember how I was frettin about maths, I blew a sigh of relief today when I took a look at my grades on the students portal on the university's website. I didn't get the nice wonderful grade that I would have love to have seen...or better yet the type of grade that I should be getting for math, but heck, a pass is a pass!!!

My apologies for neglecting my blog, and your blogs. But I have been under a lot of pressure and I still am. I just did my first test of the semester, and messed up one of the questions . But I should pass, I have one more for the same course later in the semester. I have my Econ first test week after next. And I am still working on my Seminar project. I have to present it the first week in April. I'll try to play catch up with your blogs over the weekend.

On a much lighter note! Yesterday is this weekend! No, no, no, don't be confused. Yesterday is a 90's music party! So I plan to go, whether rain or shine, I have to dance off and drink off....oh, the drinks are not inclusive this time around, so I'll be partying away some of the stress and celebrate making it through the last semester...wid a one drink. I'll give you a report, and maybe some random pics. Since Mad Bull and Dr.D have been trying their hands at jokes, I think should give it a try. Here goes:

Pastor's Cock

A priest in a small rural town was very fond of the ten chickens and handsome rooster he kept in a hen house behind the rectory.
One Saturday night the Priest discovered that his rooster was missing. At the same time the Priest heard rumors of cockfights being held in town.
Shocked and dismayed, he decided to say something during Sunday Mass.
During Mass he asked the congregation, "Who among you will confess to sporting a handsome cock?" All the men stood up. "No, no" he said. "That's not what I mean. Who among you will confess to having seen a handsome cock?" All the women stood up. "Oh, no," he said. "That's not what I mean, either. Who among you will confess to having seen a cock that doesn't belong to you?" Half the women stood up."Oh Lord," he said. "Perhaps I should rephrase the question. Has anybody seen my cock?" All the choir boys stood up!

18 commented:

Oh God! LOL! Funny, Sir Stunner... Good luck with the upcoming exams and have fun at Yeaterday!

Congrats.... somebody's been studying...

The passing grades are good news. I'm sure it's a weight off your shoulders.

LOL... funny jokes! :D

hey.. congratulations!.. and always, best of luck for you :)

Dah joke deh 'bad' nuh rass! ;-)

Congrats on passing your courses, and you have my permission to have more than one drink at Yesterday!

Congrats on the grades rude dude! Also, that joke was irrevrent and funny as hell!!!

Congrats on passing, you deserve to party it up a bit.

Congrats on the grades. The joke was off the chain!

Congrats on the exams and the joke. Am planning on heading to yesterdays myself tomorrow night - although some of my pesimistic friends are insisting on waiting until they see if there are riots after the results tomorrow before deciding to head out!

LOL Stunner!! Good joke there. Have a great time at Yesterday's. Mek we know all 'bout it. Agree with yu-a pass is a pass.

P.S. Please explain-where is Yesterday's and when do they normally have them. I may want to check it out when I'm down there.

I'm glad you all loved the joke. Yeah, I'm so happy to have passed thaose exams!

Kingston Girl, I hope these people don't kee up any foolishness, cause I want to go party! Hope you get to go to Yesterday. We might just meet each other.

Sunshine, I doubt they have specific times whan they have them, but they have a few sessions during the year. It's normally at mass camp, but is at Peppers this time as Mass Camp is booked out for Carnival.

Those of you who have seen this post before will notice that it has been edited a bit. This is because the former layout was distorting the page layout in MS Explorer. I use Firefox, which displays the page perfectly. Nevertheless the content of the post is the same.

Congrats! It's always good to confirm that you have no resits!

lOL,I needed this laugh.Congrats on passing your exams

congrats on the exams
good joke man

Very, very good Stunner. You done well. Better you study and pass than blog and fail.

I thought the young girls would stand, not the choir boys.

The new oldies is the '90's?!?

hahahahhahahahahhahahahha arrghhhhhhhh!!! stunner you are proper crazy!! i read that joke with not a small amount of laughter.

congrats on the maths exams. keep your ish tight and you'll be home dry on the outstanding stuff (project and stuff)

boy you gotta take pictures man. i just looked at the other post ...