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Friday, February 17, 2006

Manchester and St. Elizabeth Scenery

As I promised in my last post, that during the course of the week, I would post some of the photos I took while I was in the country. Well what better time to post them than on the weekend! Hope you enjoy the pictures.

I took this one at my aunts house in Maidstone, Manchester.

This one was taken on the plains of St. Elizabeth.

A shot of a small pond in the plains in St. Elizabeth.

A donkey grazing near the pond.

Enjoy your weekend!

15 commented:

Dat a some seriout bush washout

Not bad shots Stunner....

beautiful so unspoilt.
enjoy your weekend.

Nice pics. Love the scenery

the picts remind me so much of home :)

Loooove the pics, taking me right back. I have some great memories of Jamaica, my other home.

Goin' back to country livin'
Where di hair his fresh hand cleeeen...

Hi Stunner-Thanks for the photos. That's a beautiful view from your aunt's house.

Noice my yute! Really nice pictures, me homesick now :(

Glad you all like the pics.