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Monday, February 13, 2006

Another Random Blogging

Di Preshha Start!
I have been away from the blogging for a couple of days now for two reasons, that I will now divulge. As with any semester, the pressure has begun. As I told you before in one of my post, I have a Seminar assignment to prepare. I didn't choose Blogging, the topic had to be something related to my field of engineering. So I decided to do my research, book and presentation on digital cameras. I have completed two chapters of the book thus far and I want to complete it as soon as possible so I can't start on the presentation. But, it nuh done deh suh! I have mid-semester exams starting next week an mi nuh study yet! Economics, is the one I'm worrying about, so much material to cover! AHHH!!!

Outa Town

I went to Manchester and St. Elizabeth this weekend. My grandfather passed on, and the funeral was yesterday. It was a whole lot of driving though. First I had to drive from Kingston to a district called Maidstone, way up in the hills of Manchester. My mother is from that area and her sister also lives there and my aunts, grandmother, sister and other family members were staying up there. Then it was down to St Elizabeth, where the funeral service was being held. Another long drive down Spur Tree and then to a little district a long way off the main road. Just at the end of the funeral the rain decided to start falling, and fall it did! Some serious piece a rain. This made the drive back to the city a tiring one, as visibility was low, especially when driving through Manchester. Yes, there was fog all along the road, while driving through Manchester. Thankfully is was not too thick. I reached home at about 9:15pm, had a bath, caught a couple minutes sleep and then off to work by 11:40pm. I took a few pictures of the scenery, I'll share them with you during the course of the week.

It Cowl Nuh!
The weatherman was certainly right this time, he did not miss. The island is once again under the influences of a cold cowl front! Today and up till now, especially now is damn cold. And as if the temperature isn't cold enough, it is also windy. Yes moderate gusts of cooold breeze. But, I don't mind it at all, inside is just long as I don't have to go outside tonight. Anyway, mi gone wrap-up unda mi sheet.

Have a great week.

19 commented:

I was also in Manchester this weekend. And yes, it was cold there and is cold in the metropolis too. I think I shall have to pull out the socks tonight!

good luck with your semester :)

and happy v-day :)

Hi Stunner-Sorry to hear of your grandfather's passing. Not only did you have to endure the emotional going ons of the day, but that drive. I would love to take a drive through Jamaica and visit those places I've never been.
Have a great week.

star i would tek your cold over mine any day. my condolences on your

good luck with thes school stuff

Soory to learn of your grandpa's passing Stunner.

Yes, it chilly. Was 68 degrees F here last night. Hope you have company wrapping up wid unda de covers! ;-)

Yes u right Stunna Manchester is one part of JA that REALLY gets cold by North American standards. One weekend I was above Mandeville and it was only 49 degrees F at nite! Needless to say all I had on was a t-shirt, mi nearly dead!

Bwoy. In Jacksonville Florida it did cowl bad. Mi teet dem chatta til dem near drop out. But all is relative...

sorry to hear 'bout your grandfather...keep praying, have a good semester

I am so sorry to hear about your grandfather....Keep your head up and stay strong!

I will have to agree with Jdid your cold is nothing compared to ours!!! Brrrrrrr...

Good luck with your studies, and stay warm! *smile*


Sorry to hear about your loss.Well,getting through your clases more important than blogging right now-so you excused

Sorry to hear of your Grandpa passing. Reading y9ur drive to the funeral, I really get the impression of the bigness of the island as compared to Barbados.

Good luck on your mid-terms.

I know how you feel. Best of luck with all your school work.

Sorry about your grandfather, man.

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Sorry to hear about your grandfather, Stunner...
I love that drive along the South Coast! I want to do it again soon! Hey, we have been having the same kind of weather here too... It IS rather cold!

Sorry to hear about your loss.

Have to say how sorry I am about your loss. keep it up be strong.....

Thanks all for all the condolences, I really appreciate it.

Hi Stunner, I'm late here...I'm sorry about your matter how old family is, we still want them around.

As for that cold, by the time the breeze reach here, it just cool and niiiiice :-D

How's the studies going? Hope you do well.