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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Kerosene Lamp

The Kerosene Lamp, a taste of the early days in the country.
Since you liked the last drawing I posted, I decided to share another one of my drawings...and also because I don't really have much to say today. This one is titled Kerosene Lamp. I did this drawing a long time ago, if you look closely you will see that it's dated August 2001.

This takes me back to my younger days, when I was just a likkle pickney. You see, at that time there was no electricity in my community, so the kerosene lamp was our only source of light at nights. Even after we received electricity in our community the old faithful kerosene lamp was not abandoned. There were frequent power-cuts and the kerosene lamp had to be lit as a backup light source for those times. My mother still has that Kerosene lamp back at my home in Portland, but it has now been retired, as she has a backup re-chargeable electric lamp in the event of a power-cut.

19 commented:

Beautiful picture!

I remember the Kerosene Lamp!!

Boy you took it back...I remember when we had to use it, back when we had our old house.....those were the good old days!! *smile*

The pic looks so real it's like you can reach out and touch it!


Another good drawing, my yute. One of these days I am going to share something with oonoo too... Just have to draw it first.

Great artwork my yute. Maybe one day you could put together a book with all your drawings and have it published...who knows?

Nice Stunner nice!
Brings back memories of when my father used to drag us out to Darliston, Westmoreland for weeks at a time during summer. No electricity, just a lickle battery am radio!

What a charming picture, Stunner. Hope you do more, you have talent.

The recharge thing take over everywhere now, ee? Probably cheaper than the ker'sene too.

Stunner, you know an old lady in Portland name Aunt Renee? She used to live facing the sea, you could see Folly's Ruins from her place, and the big church was behind her home.

Nice stunner real nice remember the smell from those things and how you used to have to clean off the black soot from inside the glass?

I thought that was a photograph-you got real mad talent! Yup,remember those lamps,my granny had one.

Awesome. Draw something new for us. An artsist brings their perspective and life experience to the page - I'm interested to see what it would show.

Rasspec again Stunner.

Yes, we had a couple of those here at the yard...I wonder whappen to dem?

Are you sure you shouldn't be in art school?

Excellent drawing. The base is very ornate. I bought 2 similar ones after Ivan, and my son broke 1. The base was not so fancy, though.

I remember those, aren't they almost like the biblical ones...the ones with the handles that you can walk around with?

Beautiful picture. I remember going to Trinidad for the first time when I was a little girl and having my cousin explain to me how to use a Kerosene lamp.

Great talent considerig you said that you never took formal lessons.

The kerosene lamp is trully a classic. I'll still keep on int he home for thoses power outtage moments. Cleaning them is a B&%$h though.

hehe that is so funny. and a good drawing.

my mums went to Nigeria yesterday and she packed one for when she goes countryside. priceless them lamps are.

Thanks everyone for the complements and the encouragement to continue. I have decided to start making some scribblings in my sketch pad, I'll share that with you.

It seems the ole' kerosene lamp brings back memories.

Hi Stunner-I commented on your beautiful drawing but it seems as if it didn't post. I find it sweet and sentimental that your mother still have the kerosene lamp.

wow... i haven't seen that kinda lamp for the longest time!!! :D and it still exists! :D